Gameplay Trailer for Suicide Squad: Eliminate the Justice League Season One

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Warner Bros. Games presents a gameplay trailer for the first season of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. We can read all information about this in the press release:

The first season of free downloadable content (DLCs) will be released on March 28 for anyone who wants it Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League own, available at no extra cost. Season 1 begins with Suicide Squad members Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark being teleported to an Elseworld under attack by Brainiac to rescue and recruit an alternate version of the Joker. This Elseworld version of the iconic DC supervillain will be the latest playable character to join Task Force He brings his own brand of chaos and madness and can use large amounts of explosives and a rocketpowered umbrella to maneuver through the air and hover over the city. All of Season 1’s content is also set against the backdrop of an everchanging Elseworld version of Metropolis, whose distorted landscape has been reshaped by the introduction of the Joker.

Season 1 of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will also feature two new episodes featuring new raids and fortresses, missions and activities, DC SuperVillainthemed weapons, equipment and cosmetics, Justice Leagueinspired Brainiacthemed boss battles, and much more. Episode 1: Fear kicks off on March 28 with new gear inspired by Scarecrow’s venom and toxins, and infamous items used by Mad Hatter, Merlyn and Dr. Psychos are known. Episode 2: Duality will be released as a midseason update and will include a new mission type, new enemies featuring Green Lantern, new TwoFace Infamy gear sets, and new infamous weapons based on DC supervillains ReverseFlash and Black Manta.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been available for PS5 and Xbox Series X since February 2.

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