Farming Simulator for Kids Now Compatible with Switch

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Only the makers themselves know why the part aimed at children was not given a German name, but it is actually like this: Who planets, the descendants for them Farming simulatorPreparing for the future at an early stage is now possible on the Switch Farming simulator for kids Buy it as a ‘gateway drug’ as a download or as a ‘Code in a Box’, but at least it comes with a coloring book.

The press release contains more information:

Of Farming simulator for kids Children take their first steps on virtual soil and learn about the fun and importance of farming. Protected, accessible and cute that’s what publisher and developer GIANTS Software Agriculture offers children on Nintendo Switch. The game supports parental controls for safe play and also relies on visual presentation and cute aesthetics.

Farming Simulator Kids invites children to live a comfortable life on the farm and enjoy a variety of activities related to nature and its products: players plant and harvest nutritious crops, care for lovable animals, produce and trade with countless products such as strawberry milk and much more. more.

With the visual charm of a handdrawn children’s book, children will be motivated to make their own connections between their discoveries: after learning how plants grow by following simple steps in the field, they will get a sense of the value of using plants for own purposes Manufacture of products and for trade.

“While the Farming Simulator series has always been and is considered familyfriendly, Farming Simulator Kids is designed specifically for the youngest farmers,” said Thomas Frey, Creative Director at GIANTS Software. “It is important for both us and parents to create a safe virtual, creative environment in which children can play and learn independently.”

All this becomes even more fascinating when they ride a tractor and put their colorful little avatar behind the wheel of a John Deere machine. The renowned manufacturer was involved in the development from the start. A range of iconic machines in striking green with yellow accents have been designed so that children may recognize them from the real fields around them.

From the start, there are several environments to explore: the farm with multiple rooms, the farmland with many plants, a spacious barn full of animals and the farmer’s market where players trade and collect items. More environments are planned for the near future.

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