5 Video Game Companies That Have Prospered Due to Their Branding

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    5 Video Game Companies That Have Prospered Due to Their Branding
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    Video games are some of the top forms of entertainment today, being unique in their immersive charm and interactive experiences that they provide. The industry saw a significant boom in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, encouraging people around the world to turn to video games for their daily interactions.

    So, it’s not surprising that we’ve seen quite a number of video game companies emerge in recent years. It’s important to stand out from the crowd, especially given that the industry remains extremely competitive, according to Statista’s market leaders report.

    Branding is crucial for setting brands apart from the rest, while creating laser-focused marketing strategies for video games help attract the right target market and eventually build communities. That being said, below are five key examples of video game companies that have prospered due to their branding.


    In recent years, video game pioneer Nintendo has seen exponential growth, especially early into the pandemic when stay-at-home mandates influenced a boost in video game demands. In 2021, it was in Interbrand’s top seven on its list of fastest-growing companies.

    With its easy-to-recognize branding, Nintendo has been hailed as an innovator with regard to in-game marketing. It has stayed consistent by using distinctive assets while at the same time experimenting with its overall marketing strategies. While Nintendo often evokes nostalgia and pays tribute to its roots, it makes sure to experiment, too—diversifying into movies and theme parks, among others. Overall, it’s an inspiration due to the company’s multichannel approach to connecting to gamers globally and creating family-friendly experiences.


    Ubisoft, established in 1986, has grown from being a family business to a global organization and is now the biggest European video game company in the world. Known for franchises such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and Assassin’s Creed, the company boasts the creation of imaginary worlds for everyone. Because it holds such a great promise for its audience, it was important for the company to rebrand itself strategically.

    The company did just that in 2017 with a renewed logo, which communicated its mission to continue making unforgettable gaming experiences. Without taking away the logo’s iconic features and ambitious personality, the simplified version aligned the company’s future directions with its fan base’s expectations. This is an important aspect for leading brands so that they can position themselves as innovators and show that they clearly value their audience.

    Night School Studio

    Indie game developer Night School Studio has also captured the attention of gamers around the world. It creates player-driven narratives chock-full of wonder, danger, and humor. All of these are masterfully demonstrated both in their games’ visuals and in their brand tone.

    The company name, which evokes a strangely intriguing feel, is already a great synopsis of the brand and catches the target market’s attention. Night School Studio shows the importance of a clever business name, which video game professionals can benefit from, with many brands have started to use AI tools to help build strong branding from the ground up. The business name generator tool at Namechk has become popular among entrepreneurs across all verticals because it can help with the brainstorming process and avoid any overlap with other video game companies.


    Japanese tech giant Sony has been known for creating future-proof technology and entertainment. Despite its wide range of products, including game consoles and movies, it has solidified itself as a video game company with franchises like Spider-Man and God of War.

    With a future-focused approach, Sony ensures that all its projects fit in the bigger picture of using technology to its advantage. Embracing new technological developments across all efforts keeps the company ahead of its competitors and keeps gamers interested in the brand.

    Jukai Studio

    This up-and-coming game studio has shown impressive progress when it comes to brand awareness. With its first game, Stray Souls, set to be released later this year, the hype for both the game and the studio has been building up. Jukai Studio’s brand identity places emphasis on crafting one-of-a-kind horror experiences, and other companies may benefit from taking inspiration from their cohesive typography, color grading, and other details in their game content and marketing.


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