6 Parental Control Apps To Download On Your Child’s Phone

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    Mobile Phones have become a necessity rather than a luxury these days. It has become essential for children to use mobile phones for their school work. However, there are many applications available online which may mislead them into the hands of predators. There are many other threats which are designed to lure children into criminal activities as well as kidnapping and other offences which every parent wants to avoid.

    6 Parental Control Apps To Download On Your Child's Phone

    Can you put parental controls on child’s phone?

    Parental control plays an important part here, where parents can not only monitor their child’s online activity but can also block some apps which they do not want them to use. Parental control has become a necessity for every individual with their children using any online device. Additionally, apps with the best parental control for iPhone also inform the parents of any app which the child may try to download on their phone.

    What apps can parents use to monitor child’s phone?

    There are many apps which can be used to monitor their child’s phone:

    1. mSpy

      You can simply monitor and control your children’s devices remotely through this app. The app also helps in tracking the location of devices with the help of geo-fencing and geo-tracking. It also helps in keeping a check on the device’s usage by going through the messages and calls received on your child’s phone. The browser history is also accessible to parents through this app. Advanced social media monitoring along with battery usage is one of the main unique points of this app.

    2. eyeZy

      It is another parental control app widely used by parents all around the world. The app monitors all incoming and outgoing data from your child’s phone as well as tracks his social media activities. Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook messenger are a few of the many social media apps which can be tracked using this device. This helps in keeping a track of your child’s social media activities as well as any events which he may be planning to attend. Blocking any app, viewing calendar notes, blocking any website or WiFi is also offered by eyeZy. The downside, however, of this app is that it is expensive if you plan on using it on multiple devices.

    3. iCall

      It is a must-have parental control app which should be installed on your child’s phone. The app is used for recording calls on any device. The app; iCall saves all the outgoing and incoming calls on your device. It offers a free trial version for parents to try. The call recorder app can be easily downloaded and installed on any phone to keep a track of call logs.

    4. KidGuard

      Another parental control app which lets you control your child’s activity remotely by accessing their device through the app. The app also has a geo-fencing option by which you are alerted if your child is leaving any specific location. For instance, if your kid is going to his friend, then once he is leaving that specific boundary you will be alerted so that you can keep track on his location. Additionally, the app also offers tracking of apps like WhatsApp and Viber to find out your child’s online connections. A screen time limit can also be set through this app to ensure limited screen time for children.

    5. Qustodio

      It is an easy-to-use app with a user-friendly interface that parents can use to track their children’s online activities. The app tracks all calls, messages, and locations and also applies a screen time out to ensure limited screen time. However, the app does not apply to any social media apps like Instagram or Tinder. This app is suitable for those parents who only plan to control their children’s call logs and screen time.

    6. Bark

      One of the apps which offer a comprehensive tracking system of your child’s device. The app tracks YouTube usage and history as well as tracks 30 other social media apps for parents. It is an excellent app which looks for issues like cyberbullying, violence threats and such issues and informs parents about them before it’s too late. The app is known for being a multi-faced tool to ensure your child’s safety from any online threats.

    Final Thoughts

    Parental control has become essential with the rise in cybercrimes, sexual predators and suicidal ideation. Parents have to ensure their children are getting access to safe and secure content on their devices. If you are wondering what is the best app to control your child’s phone. Well, there is no one app, but multiple parental control apps like iCall, KidGuard, Bark, etc., help in ensuring the children are being tracked and their activities are monitored at all times to save them from any potential threats.


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