7 Best Gaming Chairs (Comfortable for PC) – 2020 Review

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    Are you one of those who spend ample time in front of your computer screens, either by your profession or your passion for new and adventurous games? Sitting on an uncomfortable chair for a longer period of time causes sore and painful shoulders with several back problems. Eventually, affecting your health gradually and slowly.

    The best gaming chair will not only maintain your posture but allows you to sit comfortably, allowing healthy blood flow to your lower back. Increasing your focusing ability and helps you to work more efficiently and swiftly.

    An elite gaming chair is the combination of two main factors that are good quality material and good ergonomics, which means that it should provide maximum comfort and support level to your posture weight and lumbar spine while sitting for a longer time period. Predominantly, it’s better to find a chair that is the blend of both these factors to get the best gaming experience possible.

    As a matter of fact, I have compiled a few best gaming chair options based on hours of my research. I have listed them based on their comfort level, fine quality, and price that will help you to select your ideal luxurious gaming throne for the longer sitting-sessions.

    Best Gaming Chairs 2020

    1. Corsair T2 Road Warrior – The Best Gaming Chair

    Corsair T2 Road Warrior is one of the best gaming chairs. It is fully covered in a PU leather which means it is breathable, soft, and much lighter than the real leather, this faux leather makes it waterproof and can be drycleaned without a lot of effort. This makes it the best gaming chair.

    The removable neck and lumbar pillows are carefully wrapped up in microfibers, making it extra soft, comfortable, and providing better support to your lower back by allowing the healthy blood flow. Its ventilated headset and the wide adjustable seat, which can support up to 300lbs of weight is compatible with almost any kind of body.

    This seat can be positioned and locked up according to your personal preferences and accurate angles. At the same time, the 4D armrest can be moved in four all directions giving perfect support to your wrists via keeping your arms on the right angle by increasing the efficiency of playing.

    The strong aluminum base that enables the gas lifting mechanism raises the seat up to 10cm according to your desired angle. The reclining angle upto 170 degrees allows your back to rest comfortably in it. The unique sleek and curvy design gives excellent support to your lower back. High-quality Rollerblade style wheels can roll on any surface without getting lock or scratching and damaging your beautiful floor.


    • Microfiber cushions
    • Easy assembling
    • Comfortable
    • Sleek design


    • Bit expensive

    Due to its comfort level, it is en excellent choice and highly recommended for gamers or the people who work from home. The sleek design not only increases your thrilling experience but also provides both comfort level as well and the style.

    2. RESPAWN 200 Racing Style – Best for Computers

    RSP-200 with its advance and the in-built flexible support functions for lumbar policy and the mesh-backed seat, which means it enables the airflow and offers proper ventilation that cuts the hot air from circulating by keeping your back sweat-free and cool even in the summer seasons.

    Its affordable pocket-friendly price and incredible unique features make it one of the supreme option for best selling gaming chair.

    The comfortable neck support system prevents your neck muscles from getting sore or tightened, keeping it in a relaxed position. The movable 2D armrest moves back and forth, giving your arms perfect support to play without getting stuck.

    The reclining back that leans up to 130 degrees adds a fascinating feature to fall your back comfortably on it. High-quality wheels that rotate in 360 degrees make it extremely easy to change its place. The seat raises up to almost 22cm. According to your desired angle, administering it easy to focus on the screen while providing a good posture position by making you sitting straight and keeping you healthy and efficient to win the maximum number of games possible.


    • Mesh-backed seat
    • Advanced lumbar support system
    • Budget-friendly
    • Comfortable


    • assembling takes time

    The RESPAWN racing style gaming chair is a viable option for the pro gamers at the entry-level. Its mesh back inhibits the sweat keeping your back cool and sweat-free and giving you an experience like lying in a hammock. The customized features offer good value for money while providing comfort and reliability.

    3. RESPAWN 900 Gaming Recliner – Best for PC Gaming

    RESPAWN 900 Gaming Recliner Have the Carbon fiber chair with an astonishing resemblance to the seats in a flamboyant racing car. That is why they can be even referred to as racing chairs, hence making them the best gaming chairs.

    The classic racing style gives it a modern and stylish look that stands out from the rest of your furniture, increasing the beauty of your room. Faux carbon fibers make it tough and increase its stiffness and strength. Giving it the durability to serve you for a longer period of time.

    The folding footrest provides an extra comfort level to your legs and knees by keeping them on the right angle and the position without bothering you and maintaining your energy level high. Reclining seat that leans up to 130 degrees grasps your head in a comfortable position that increases your focusing level.

    Improbable features like a cupholder and a detachable pouch on the side of the chair that works as storage and giving you extra space to put your belongings into. It holds your stuff like gaming gadgets or headphones and even your mobile phone to keep it close to you in case anyone reaches out to you.

    Making it one of the choices to stand out from the rest. The ability of the seat to swivel in 360 degrees for an amazing gaming experience makes it one of the best gaming chair. Due to its Easy assembling and much lighter weight, It can be easily moved from one place to another.


    • Faux carbon fiber seat
    • Comfortable
    • Easy assembling
    • Lighter weight


    • lacks height adjustment feature

    If you are looking for a comfortable seat for long sitting-sessions, Respawn 900 is one of the great options to put into your cart, giving you a fascinating experience with its unique and captivating design.

    4. AK Racing Core Series EX – Most Comfortable Gaming Chair

    Ak Racing core series gaming chair is one of the most durable and long-lasting gaming chairs with steel frame and metal finished base. Firm padding and breathable mesh fiber make it incredibly comfortable. Dense foam and well-enabled support for back make it exceptionally easy to sit for hours maintaining a good posture.

    The 3D armrest that moves back and forth with the reclined seat that leans upto 180 degrees. Provides the best and thrilling game experience.

    The strong metal base inclined with the gas lift mechanism rises up to 2.5cm. The mesh fiber seat with 20.9 widths and 19.7 depth makes it comfortable enough for the average size people while holding up the weight up to the 330lbs.

    The seat lock feature allows you to position it according to your desired angle depending upon your height and weight, which provides you the best gaming experience.

    A five-year-long warranty time period increases its durability and makes it serves you for a longer time.


    • Strong Steel frame
    • Firm padding
    • 3D armrest
    • 5-year long warranty
    • Affordable price


    • No seat lock

    Ak Racing Core Series EX gaming chair is ideal for the people who are looking for an affordable yet durable long-lasting chair. A metal base with glossy finishing makes it serve as a well-built gaming chair as well as an office work chair. With the adjustable height feature and professional appearance, it is one of the appropriate choices to spend your money on.

    5. Vertagear S-Line SL4000 – Soft Gaming Chair

    Vertagear racing series is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs to put your hands on. With its dense padding and soft neck support system that provides supreme comfort level and ultra adjustability feature, it’s highly contoured backrest can adjust itself with almost every kind of back.

    Allowing you with long and exciting sitting sessions. It’s pretty wide seat up to 510mm/20in allows your back to adjust itself in a nice position, whereas, contoured backrest provides exceptionally good support to your spine. Keeping your posture in nice and healthy shape.

    Without causing muscle stiffness. The aluminum base makes it strong and long-lasting, allowing it to handle the weight up to the 330lbs. Adjustable seat option that comes with a locking system. So that you can lock the seat according to your personal preferences of height and weight, moreover, to your desired angle up to your computer screen. Good quality wheels that swivel without the noise or scratching or damaging your marvelous floor.

    The solid frame makes the chair strong and long-lasting. On top of that, PVC covered seat makes it tough yet lightweight enough to move it easily. The diagram-based manual that makes it easy to assemble. The glad tidings are, they are available in various colors that you can choose according to your liking. Two years warranty makes it long-lasting.


    • PVC leather exterior
    • Extremely comfortable
    • Multiple colors option
    • Highly contoured back
    • Aluminum base


    • assembling takes time
    • Bit expensive

    If you have to sit up for long hours locked up with your computer screens, this vertagear racing series S-Line SL4000 is one of the best options for you to put your hands on. Its extremely comfortable and wide-angled seat allows your back to fall in a comfortable position while keeping you motivated. This is highly recommended and a great option to spend your money on this amazing and incredible chair.

    6. Brazen Pride or Brazen Stag – Comfortable Gaming Seat

    Brazen pride or Brazen stag console chair comes with the unique and incredible feature of Bluetooth. Which is compatible with almost every gaming gadget, and inbuilt speakers. Its upholstered breathable fabric makes your back sweat-free even in the higher temperatures and lets you play in a peaceful manner without irritating you.

    The astonishing design adjusts your back in a comfortable position allowing you to sit for a longer time.

    Installed on the strong metallic base, which makes the chair durable and stable enough to carry weight upto 330lbs. The auto-lock button locks the seat to the desired angle to hook accurately up to your computer screen.

    Its wide gaugings of 37×21.6×28.3 make it effortlessly comfortable. The dashboard enabled on the side of the chair controls the bass and audio setting of the inbuilt speakers. It also includes the volume knob and the power button that starts and stops the functioning of the speakers.

    The Bluetooth allows you to connect to any medium of the tv, Xbox, PS4, or your desktop computer without plugging in any cables keeping your gaming area clean. The premium sound effect of the speakers provides you with the best gaming experience.


    • Bluetooth feature
    • Inbuilt speaks
    • Upholstered fabric
    • Comfortable
    • Available in different colors


    • A bit expensive

    Suppose you are looking for a comfortable chair with unique features. This Brazen pride is one of the perfect options for you. The inbuilt speakers that provide you with the best and thrilling gaming experience. It is one of the best choices for every pro gamer to invest your money on.

    7. Corsair T3 Rush – Ergonomic Gaming Chair

    Corsair T3 Rush is the blend of both the good quality fabric that is breathable and does not absorb heat, and as a fact, it remains cool and, secondly, the good ergonomics. Which makes it amazingly comfortable to provide pain-free long gaming sessions.

    The adjustable and soft neck support and lumbar pillow keep your posture in a nice healthy position. That allows the maximum blood flow to your lower back.

    The solid steel base that makes the chair strong enough to support the maximum weight. Enabled with the gas lift mechanism that raises the chair upto to 100mm. One hundred eighty degrees reclining back helps you to relax properly. Due to its astonishing design that is the mixture of both the steel base and good fiber, it can also be used as an office chair that helps you to work in style and comfort.

    Easy instructions help you to assemble the chair without any difficulty.

    4D armrests allow you to adjust the arms according to your needs and preferences. The seat lock feature keeps your seat on the desired and the best angle that suits you.

    The wide dimensions of 34.8 x 27.2 x14.8 inches make it compatible with almost every kind of body providing irritation-free sitting sessions. Due to its various colors, it’s easy to choose the color of your choice. That suits you or matches with the interior of the room.


    • Affordable
    • 4D armrests
    • Comfortable


    • Plastic wheels

    Suppose you are one who is finding the chair that serves you in both ways, for fulfilling your gaming passion, and to work in a comfortable position at a pocket-friendly price. This option is the best for you to spend your money on. Its stylish design and adjustable support system provide effortless comfort.

    Guide to Pick the Best Gaming Chairs

    When it comes to choosing the best gaming chair for you, it is extremely important to go with the ones that are of good quality and good ergonomics, or with the blend of both for an elite gaming experience. However, the best way is to go for the one that is compatible with your posture, keeping it in a healthy position, and giving you the maximum comfort level. This buying guide will definitely help you in choosing the most appropriate chair for you.

    Good Ergonomics

    One of the prime factors for choosing the best gaming chair for you is good ergonomics. It not only keeps your body in the proper shape yet, providing your back and neck with the supreme support system.

    The more distinguished level of lumbar support gives your lower back good assistance and to rest in a pain-free pattern. The gaming chair with good ergonomics sets your body in a relaxed position.


    The second important factor is the quality of the chair. For the obvious reasons, we dont want to invest our money on something that is not durable and reliable. The strong, well-built chair serves you for a longer period of time. It’s better to go with the ones that are built with a high-quality metal frame and padded with the premium quality foam that has a long life span.

    The advanced quality rollerblade style wheels, which prevents itself from locking on any surface and allows it to swivel without any interruption and damaging or destroying your surface.


    When it comes to buying the luxurious gaming throne for yourself, .it is important to consider the upholstery that is used on it. It’s better to go with the one that offers the breathable fabric like PU leather or mesh-back seat. They do not absorb the heat and keeps your back sweat-free and cool. Even in the warmer temperature, and allows you to hook up with your computer screens for longer and un irritated sitting sessions.

    Good support system

    From the entry-level gamers to the pro-level gamers. Everybody prefers a gaming Thorne that provides the maximum support system. So, you can spend hours by fulfilling your gaming passion. 4D armrests that move in different directions give excellent support to your wrist and keep your arms on the right angle by increasing your efficiency.

    Some high-quality chairs come with the footrest feature that keeps your foot in a comfortable position and knees in the right angle. Additional neck and lumbar support pillows are the delightful traits that increase your succor level.


    It is extremely important to look for all the dimensions before choosing a chair. You should always go with the one that suits you best according to your height and weight. All chairs come in different sizes, styles, and measurements. A high duty chair can support up to the 500lbs weight whereas, and a standard chair can hold up to 330lbs.

    Some chairs come with a narrow seat that is not suitable for the people with the thicker thighs. Before putting your hands on any chair, it is better to see the measurements according to your personal preferences, which allows you to play and relax easily, increasing your gaming experience.

    Price and warranty

    A long term warranty increases the life span of your product.its always better to go with the company that provides the warranty claim for a slightly longer time period. The product that matches all your needs, and provides all the standard functions in an affordable price range that does not hurt your wallet, is the best option to spend your money on.


    What is the best gaming chair in 2020?

    Corsair T2 Road warrior, with the blend of high-grading quality and good ergonomics, makes it one of the best gaming chair.

    What is the most comfortable gaming chair?

    Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000 is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs. Dense padding and ultra-soft neck and lumbar support system provide you with the supreme comfort level.

    Are gaming chairs worth it?

    If you are the one that spends long hours in front of the computer screens, then getting a good and comfortable gaming chair is worth spending your money on.


    There is a huge number of gaming chairs in the market, with diverse features and functions providing you with sensational gaming experience. However, before making a choice and spending your money on, it is extremely important to do some research work to make your money spend worth. Here are the top three and most versatile products.

    • Corsair T2 Road Warrior– it is fully covered in PU leather. Revemoble neck and lumbar support cushions wrapped in microfibers providing premium comfort.
    • RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair– it has the advanced quality and adjustable in-built lumbar support system, with a mesh-backed seat.
    • RESPAWN 900 Gaming Recliner- it has the well-built body fully covered in carbon fiber with an astonishing resemblance to the seats in a racing car.

    After processing through the above information, I hope it would now be easy as a breeze for you to get the most luxurious gaming throne that not only provides you with an ultra-comfort level, whereas it also matches all your gaming needs while enhancing your thrilling experience and entertainment level.

    By increasing your focus and productivity for winning the maximum number of games with any irritation. Get your gaming chair today to perceive the best gaming experience ever.


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