7 Best Gaming Headsets (Wireless & Wired) 2020 Review

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    If you are an enthusiastic online gamer, then you must be aware of the importance of a good gaming headset. So if you are looking to upgrade from your previous headset that has an average sound quality and offers less compatibility with other devices, then you have come to the right place for the best gaming headsets.

    Gaming headsets are quite useful when you are playing intense modern games such as Pubg and Fortnite, where you can interact with your fellow gamers via the microphone of the headset. Speakers are okay, but you still need a headset with a microphone for planning your gaming strategy with your team.

    Headsets are not only useful for gaming. You can use them when creating your YouTube videos, which may involve interacting live with your viewers. So it is essential to have a quality headset that has a fantastic sound and other necessary features. Our detailed review of the best gaming headsets explained below will help you to get a great device that offers excellent value.

    7 Best Gaming Headsets

    1. Sennheiser GSP 600 – The Best Gaming Headset

    Sennheiser GSP 600 is probably one of the best gaming heads on the market, which is the reason why it is at the top of our list. This wired headset has a great quality sound, strong build, and comes at a good affordable price. The headband of the headset is made out of solid plastic material that has a soft foam padding on the inside for increased comfort. The headband has a slider that can be adjusted to achieve the right position so that it stays in place.

    The closed acoustic headset provides an amazing sound quality that is noise-free and has an enhanced clarity to it. The large speaker housing of the GSP 600 consists of super-soft leather earpads that protect your ears from stress and dust getting into it. As a result, your ears won’t warm-up, which can be quite unpleasant.

    The GSP 600 is compatible with several consoles, so you don’t have to buy a separate headset for each device. The headset delivers a brilliant sound quality when playing action-heavy games where you have to rely on the sound to quickly make your next move. It also provides an immersive sound when listening to music.


    • Superb sound
    • Strong construction
    • Elegant design
    • Comfortable on the ears


    • Heavy

    The microphone of the GSP 600 has an adjustable arm that can be lifted and down to adjust its position. The arm of the microphone has easy access to the mute button, which you can use to quickly mute your voice during the game. It delivers great sound quality to your listeners on the other end. The durable build of together with the good sound and comfort makes the GSP 600 an impressive headset.

    2. HyperX Cloud Alpha – Best Pc Headset

    The HyperX Cloud Alpha is known to be highly affordable with a cool looking design and great sound, which makes it the perfect gaming headset. The headset has red colored aluminum shell rings that attach the headband to the ear chambers, which makes it lightweight and long-lasting. It works on several devices, which can tell you about its high compatibility.

    The speaker housing has a dual driver design that is known to offer enhanced audio clarity and reduced sound distortion. The earpads of the Cloud Alpha have softer leather padding that does not put too much force on your ears and are sweat-free. Along with high comfort, the ear cups provide incredible sound for gaming or listening to music.

    The Cloud Alpha has a good sounding bass that allows you to listen to quiet notes as well as high-frequency notes when listening to music. The great sound quality of the headset offers an immersive gaming experience where you can feel all the emotions as you fight against enemies in the game. The headband, together with the foam padding, provides a nice grip, which makes it comfortable to wear for longer periods.


    • High bass sound
    • Comfortable fit
    • Affordable
    • Durable build
    • lightweight


    • The mic is not impressive

    The simple and small microphone of the headset is detachable, so whenever you are done streaming games on twitch, you can detach the mic and use the headset alone for watching movies on your laptop. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a great option for gamers who are looking to buy something less expensive but which offers incredible sound quality.

    3. LucidSound LS41 – Best Wireless Headset

    The LucidSound LS41 is a great wireless headset that is compatible with all devices and not just PS4 for an impressive gaming experience. In terms of design, the headset has a metal frame that holds the two speaker housing. The headband has a decent foam padding that makes the headset comfortably sit on your head.

    It comes with a USB base station for wirelessly connecting the headphones to your computer and other devices. The headset has 50mm thick drivers that offer a high bass, which leads to overall better sound quality. When playing games such as Overwatch or Pubg, you get to experience all the immersive low note sounds and loud action-filled sounds that raise your gaming momentum.

    The headset has a long battery life and can last for more than 15 hours once fully charged. The amazing battery life of the LucidSound LS41 is a major plus point, as you won’t have to plug it in again and again, which is quite bothersome. This wireless headset has improved signal quality with no interruptions or delays.


    • High comfort
    • Good wireless connection
    • Minimalistic design
    • Strong build quality
    • Enhanced sound quality
    • Long battery life


    • Small connection range

    The LS41 headset consists of a detachable boom microphone. The microphone has a noise cancellation feature, which removes the background noise from your voice, thereby enhancing the quality of your voice when interacting with your fellow gamers. The ear cups of the headset are composed of infused gel foam that does not let your ears get warm. For enhanced comfort and spectacular gaming experience, you must consider getting this headset.

    4. SteelSeries Arctis Pro – Best for Comfort

    The SteelSeries Arctis Pro is a quality headset that is ideal for online gaming. The headphones have a stylish design that looks attractive, and it catches your attention the moment your eyes land on it. It has a metal and aluminum headframe that is known to be lightweight and provides high durability. The headband has an elastic strap that can be stretched to accommodate any size and feel extremely comfortable.

    The earcup of the headset has a red-colored LED ring accent that uplifts the look of the headset. The Arctis Pro comes with a GameDac that enhances the audio quality of the sound coming from a console or a computer. The GameDac allows for clearer sounds in games as it separates all different sounds that you hear in a game sequence.

    The magnet drivers of the Artics Pro deliver high-res sound quality that allows you to hear the very soft and light sounds of the footsteps of characters in horror games. This headset is not only suitable for games but listening to music as well, which can be a treat to your ears. It features a 7.1 surround sound feature that adds more realism to the game, and you feel a part of it, which makes it one of the best gaming headsets.


    • Superior sound quality
    • GamingDac enhances audio
    • Comfortable
    • Attractive design


    • Some users may not like the mic

    The speaker plates of the headset can be replaced with more stylish ones if you are a fan of cool aesthetics. The headset has a decent microphone that removes background noise so that your voice can be heard smoothly on the other end. The Artics Pro is a brilliant headset that checks all the boxes of design, superior sound quality, and high comfort, which is why it is worth buying.

    5. Logitech G432 – Best Wired Gaming Headset

    The Logitech G432 is a highly affordable entry-level gaming headset that does not disappoint due to its high-quality sound and sophisticated design. The headset has a stainless steel lightweight headband frame with sliders on both ends to adjust the size. The plastic headband is long-lasting and does not break easily. It has huge rectangular ear cups, which has a scroll volume button for efficiently controlling the volume of the game.

    The ear chambers of the Logitech G432 use 50mm huge drivers. The large diameter of the driver offers a larger bass response, and you get a good quality sound. When playing modern games, the headset provides a nice enough sound with a consistent flow that makes you lose yourself in the game.

    The wired headset has high compatibility with other consoles and desktop PCs via the 3.5mm cable or the USB GameDac.The thick and round leather fabric earpads of the speaker’s housing offer amazing cushion support and keep your ears from getting warm. The leather earpads do not crack or peel off with excessive use. You can comfortably use the headphones for long hours.


    • Amazing surround sound
    • Highly comfortable
    • Budget-friendly
    • Good volume control


    • Plastic build

    The boom microphone of the Logitech G432 has a thicker width of 6mm that can be easily muted by flipping it up. You can use the mic for talking to your friends or interacting with the enemy on the other end when playing intense games. It may not be the most outstanding mic, but it is highly suitable for gaming. For a budget headset, the G432 is a valuable option that you must consider.

    6. Audio-Technica ATH-AG1X – The Gaming Headphone

    The Audio Technica ATH-AG1 is high quality and unique looking headset that has an immersive sound, which makes it ideal for gaming. The headset has two steel wires that connect the two speaker wheels. For the headband, you get two padded wings that can be moved up and down when placing it on your head.

    The headset has a black matte finish with red color accents that makes it look attractive. The ear chambers consist of 53mm drivers, which are huge as compared to the normal driver size. The sound quality of the speakers is incredible. You can hear every move of your character and background movements in the game with such spectacular sounding speakers.

    The headband wings are padded with a soft leather material that provides superior cushioning support to your ears, and you can wear the headset comfortably for long gaming sessions. Despite the plastic build of the headset, it is highly durable and does not feel weak. The open headband of the ATH-AG1 makes it extremely lightweight, which is perfect if you play games for long hours.


    • Solid build quality
    • heavy bass sound
    • Lightweight
    • Comfortable headband
    • Quality microphone


    • Mic not detachable

    The ATH-AG1 comes with a high-quality microphone that is not detachable, but it delivers amazing voice quality. The mic can be lifted when you are not using it. The cable of the headset has volume control and mute buttons that are in easy reach of your fingers. The Audio Technica ATH-AG1 is a high-end gaming headset that provides amazing sound and is a great budget option.

    7. Razer BlackShark V2 – Best Under Budget

    The Razer BlackShark V2 is another great gaming headset that is quite affordable and will last you a long time. The headset has a thick headband with soft foam that provides support and comfort to your head when putting on. The wired headset has mid-sized oval-shaped ear cups that can properly fit your ears, and the padded foam offers soft cushioning to the ears.

    The headband of the BlackShark V2 has a big Razer logo, which is visible when you look at it from the top. The headset has a weight of 9.2 ounces, which is quite light as compared to most heavy headsets. The good thing about lightweight headsets is that you can wear them longer and play games comfortably.

    The headset offers the 7.1 surround sound feature, which gives a 3D sound effect, and you can hear the sound coming at you from all the sides. The audio drivers of the BlackShark V2 make use of innovative technology that allows for distortion-free and clear sound quality. As a result, all the background noise is muted, and you can focus only on the gaming action.


    • Lightweight build
    • Detachable mic
    • Comfortable ear pads
    • Immersive sound quality


    • Out of reach mic mute button

    The BlackShark V2 has a boom microphone that has a thin, sturdy wire, which can be detached when you are carrying the headphones with you on your morning run. The mic settings can be changed to be heard clearly and better on the other end when you are talking with your gaming team members. Razer has always come up with amazing products, and that shows in this high-quality headset, which is worth buying.

    Buying Guide

    Gaming headsets are available in a wide variety on the market, and many tech brands are coming up with newer and innovative headsets that can cost a lot sometimes. Therefore, it is very difficult to settle on a good gaming headset that is neither too expensive nor too cheap. Some gaming headsets are made for only gaming use, while others can be used as a pair of headphones for listening to music on your runs. Such headsets come with a detachable mic that can be discarded when not in use.

    So before you go and spend your money on a headset, there are certain things you need to consider, which can help you avoid regrets later on. The build quality, comfort, and sound are the most important aspects of a headset, among many others, as explained down below.

    Build quality

    Most gaming headsets have a plastic build that makes use of other materials like steel, metal, or aluminum on the frame of the headset. The moment you pick up a headset, you will know whether it is made of cheap or durable materials. The body of the low-quality headset tends to make squeaky sounds whenever you are placing it on your head. Such headsets are not reliable and can break easily.

    Also, the ear cups should be considerably large to fit your ears, and they should be sturdy enough to stand intense pressure. So try to go for a headset that makes use of quality materials as it would last longer, and it will spare you the time of adjusting to a new headset.

    Wired vs. Wireless Headset

    Most people prefer wired headsets as they are highly affordable, and you know that the audio signal won’t break. Wired headsets do not operate on batteries, so it saves you the trouble of charging it again and again. All you have to do is plug in the headset to your computer, and the game is on. These headphones are known to have better sound quality generally, but that is not a hard and fast rule as the new generation wireless headphones come equally powered.

    On the other hand, wireless headsets offer free movement, and you don’t have to restrict your position to a specific place. With wireless headsets, you don’t have to stop everything you are doing as it is highly portable. You don’t have to deal with the extra cables as it is easy to set up the connection. So if you are willing to pay more for superior sound quality and the freedom to move about easily, then go for a wireless headset.

    Compatibility is another thing that immensely matters in headsets. So make sure that your headset is compatible with your PC and the various gaming consoles.

    Sound Quality

    A headset with poor sound quality is as good as useless. Several brands have been coming up with outstanding headsets that have innovative features such as surround sound and noise cancellation. The reason why surround sound is such a great attribute is that it lets you hear all minute sounds as well as the loud action-heavy sounds, which can enhance your gaming experience to a greater degree.


    The microphone of the headset lets you interact with other gamers, and you can use it when streaming online or taking phone calls. That is why your headset must have a decent mic that delivers good audio. Some headsets have a detachable mic that can be retracted if you want to use it as headphones for listening to music on your morning runs

    Most headset mics have a noise cancellation feature that eliminates the background noise so that your listeners can hear a clearer voice with no noise or distortion. So look for such features in a headset for the impressive gaming experience.


    A good headset should provide the maximum level of comfort so that it does not cause you fatigue when you are wearing it for long hours. The ear cups of the headset should have a soft foam padding with tiny holes in it to prevent it from warming up too quickly. The speaker chambers should be large enough as tighter ear pads can be extremely uncomfortable.

    Another important thing is the overall weight of the headset. Heavy headsets can cause severe neck pain, which can be difficult to deal with. So for prolonged use, look for a lightweight headset that is easy to use and comfortable on your neck and ears.


    Modern gaming is all about the amazing graphics and the incredible sound effects, which makes it necessary to have a high-quality headset. A huge number of headset options are available so that you can make the right decision according to your budget. And it is possible to find the right headset if you know what to look for in it. Mentioned below are some of our best picks amongst the ones reviewed in this article.

    • Sennheiser GSP 600 leads the list due to its immersive sound quality.
    • HyperX Cloud Alpha delivers impressive bass for having an intense gaming experience.
    • LucidSound LS41 is another incredible headset due to its high compatibility and enhanced comfort level.

    So we hope that you are now confident enough to buy a new gaming headset that can enhance your gaming experience.


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