A New Direction for PUBG Esports Americas

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    To Begin With, we want to wish you all well while everyone continues to stand firm through the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that this scenario has actually produced numerous difficulties for us all. Offered the unpredictability for the immediate future of public events, PUBG Corporation has actually chosen to cancel the three PGS events planned for 2020.

    More details about this decision can be found here.

    The PUBG Americas Esports team has actually been hard at work to build a new direction for the 2020 esports program in North America, Latin America, and Oceania to ensure that there are still chances to complete and see your favorite players on the battlegrounds. We are delighted to share our updated plans with you all, and we eagerly anticipate structure and refining this new program with your feedback.

    As you have actually seen from the global announcements, we will be changing the formerly announced PGS events with a series of online competitions.

    • PCS NA Charity Showdown
    • North America Moving Forward
    • Latin America Moving Forward
    • OCE Joins SEA in Asia Pacific Region
    • PGS Berlin: Americas Qualifier Prize Pool and PGS Berlin Minimum Guarantee

    PCS NA Charity Showdown

    We understand that you all have actually been distressed for a PUBG competition. Beginning right away, you and your team can sign up to compete in the online qualifiers for our upcoming PCS NA Charity Showdown.

    After a series of qualifying rounds over the coming weeks, we will qualify eight teams that will join the eight NA teams that had actually formerly qualified for the PGS Berlin: Americas Qualifier. These 16 teams will compete against each other on May 21 to May 24 for their share of $200,000 ($100,000 for teams and $100,000 for charity).

    For more details on the PCS NA Charity Showdown event and to sign up, click here

    North America Moving Forward

    Following the conclusion of the PCS NA Charity Showdown, we’ll begin a 24 team online pro league. These 24 teams will qualify for the pro league from the charity event, so positioning outside of the top 16 still matters!

    More info on the pro league and a weekly semi pro-competition will be announced in the coming weeks.

    Latin America Moving Forward

    While Latin America will not be taking part in the PUBG Continental Series, that does not indicate that we are leaving the area out. The LATAM esports team will be hosting numerous competitions for the LATAM region in the approaching months.

    More detailed info will be offered in Portuguese and Spanish on region-specific channels.

    OCE Joins SEA in Asia Pacific Region

    OCE teams will be taking part in the PUBG Continental Series along with SEA as part of the APAC region. For the APAC charity event, direct invites will be offered to the three OCE teams that qualified for the PGS Berlin: Americas Qualifier (Athletico, Team Ferox, and Fury Australia).

    More info on future APAC events to come.

    PGS Berlin: Americas Qualifier Prize Pool and PGS Berlin Minimum Guarantee

    We were extremely delighted to host an unbelievable display of ability between the best teams from North America, Latin America, and Oceania to figure out which six teams would advance to PGS Berlin to represent the Americas region.

    In spite of needing to cancel the event as a result of the travel bans, we still wanted to ensure that the unannounced $60,000 prize pool from the offline PGS Berlin: Americas Qualifier and the $20,000 minimum compensation from PGS Berlin are paid to the teams and players from the Americas area. The minimum compensation would have granted an overall of $120,000 to Americas teams (six teams from America’s region would have qualified for PGS Berlin).

    We will be paying out a total of $180,000 equally across all sixteen teams (8 NA, 5 LATAM, and 3 OCE) that qualified for our PGS Berlin: Americas Qualifier. This means that each team will receive $11,250.

    We eagerly anticipate seeing you all in game or in chat for the PCS NA Charity Showdown and hope you’re as excited as we are to take part in the upcoming 2020 online events.

    We will be announcing more PCS event information for each region in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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