All the ways to increase your level in WoW Classic

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    Classic Warcraft is at the same time more complex than the main version, but at the same time more united, because the value of all resources and the need for players to unite is much higher.

    This is due to the faction confrontation system, longer leveling and the value of raids that cannot be completed without a full group.

    Classic Warcraft is a continuation of the popular WOTLK update, which continues its development and, at the same time is supplemented with new mechanics and ideas – like a season system, where content is divided into stages and served in doses so that all players have time to upgrade their characters regardless of their online status.

    The first stage will affect only 25 levels, but taking them will not be so easy, and players who devote only 2 hours a day to the game will receive Season of Discovery powerleveling during these very two months until the release of the new update.

    Quests and tasks

    Quests and tasks

    There will be several ways to gain levels in WoW quickly and have time to reach the maximum milestone in order to start strengthening your hero, and not just take level 25 and immediately enter the race for a new milestone of 40 levels, provided that each stage will be more difficult and longer than the previous one.

    The main advantage of story quests is that during completion they come one after another and, in fact, were created for players who want to receive more or less clear instructions for character development and simply follow them.

    Of course, this will not last forever, but going through the initial stage and mastering the basic capabilities of the hero and the paths of his development is quite possible.

    The main advantage of story quests is not only that you study the history of Azeroth and fill your adventures with meaning, but also in receiving a stable boost SoD and gold for your character, regardless of his class.

    That is, even if you play as a support, you will still receive the same amount of experience and gold as the attacking class, but the completion time for quests related to killing monsters will of course still be slower, but it is still a good deal.

    In addition to story quests throughout the world of Azeroth, you can find secondary tasks from many NPCs whose quests suit your level.

    Finding such characters is not difficult – there is always a special mark above them, meaning that he has a task for you.

    Be careful – unlike story quests, secondary quests may have radically different rewards, both for the better and for the worse, but by combining all possible quests in one location and grinding, you can achieve a high leveling value in World of Warcraft

    The rewards will be very different – from experience and gold, to decorative items, mounts and even weapons.

    Hunting and grinding

    Hunting and grinding

    Farming in locations has always been a good alternative to quests in World of Warcraft, or an additional source of experience and gold if you combine completing tasks and destroying monsters.

    Starting with the new update, during grinding, each player will have a chance to get a new rune during boosting in WoW SoD.

    This is a new mechanic that allows players to gain new skills for their classes, and some of them will essentially redefine the entire hero concept.

    For example, mages will be able to obtain a healing skill that uses the power of arcane magic and allows the player to apply healing to themselves or allies. The skill is quite weak, but given the potential of the mana reserve, the mage will be able to help himself in protracted battles and support the healer, although of course he will not be able to fully replace him in raids and PVP.

    In addition to new items, you will still receive gold and various items that will be useful to crafters – these are resources of varying degrees of rarity, and they can be set aside for your future crafting development, or sold to other players through the auction system and trading stalls to receive additional gold.

    The best farmers are magicians, archers, daggers, warlocks and other heroes who can quickly destroy enemies and quickly gain levels.

    The rest of the heroes cannot get a good leveling speed in killing monsters, because they will either take a long time to kill them or lose a lot of resources, so they need to gather their own group of players, or join a ready one for the sake of stable gameplay.

    To grind for many levels, you need a tank that will provoke a large number of monsters and keep them on you without risking a quick death with the support of a healer, and the remaining positions will be taken by mass and single attacking heroes, and you will not only have a stable boost in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery, but also good protection in case of contact with representatives of the enemy faction.

    For victories in PVP, players will receive coins of valor and use them to buy special equipment and weapons with enhanced characteristics for battle against players.

    It is for hunting that such equipment is useful only in increased protection and damage, and it is better to strive for legendary equipment, which has the most characteristics for universal tasks, but for beginners PVP equipment is a good basis, especially if you sincerely love fights and large-scale battles for territories.


    When going to various dungeons, you have a chance to claim valuable and enhancing equipment and at the same time you will be able to gain experience if you manage to successfully destroy the boss.

    Raids are needed as the final stage in your grind in the first season, in order to collect the best equipment that you will use in the new stages, when the maximum level moves to 40, and then to 60.

    Raids will continue to be divided by difficulty level and require a different number of players in World of Warcraft Classic.

    Try to balance your group so that you have a tank, a healer and attacking heroes with different types of attacks – with physical damage that can be enhanced and magical damage in case you need to destroy your retinue and other strong monsters.


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