Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration Depth 2: All Combat Log Locations Revealed

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    Armored Core 6: Underground Exploration Depth 2 Combat Log Locations

    In Armored Core 6, Chapter 4, the Underground Exploration mission takes players through multiple underground layers. This guide focuses specifically on combat log locations in Underground Exploration Depth 2. Combat logs provide valuable information and are often hidden away from the main routes players would usually take.

    Where to Find Combat Logs in Underground Exploration Depth 2

    The Underground Exploration Depth 2 mission in Armored Core 6 contains a total of three combat logs. These logs are divided into two locations, with logs #2 and #3 found in the same room. Players will need to explore the map to locate them.

    Combat Log #1 Location

    To find combat log #1, players must defeat the boss duo, Head Bringer and G5 Iguazu. Progressing naturally through the mission after restoring power in Depth 2 will lead players to encounter these bosses, unlocking combat log #1.

    Combat Logs #2 and #3 Location

    Combat logs #2 and #3 can be found in a room whose doors close during a mech chase sequence. After defeating Head Bringer and G5 Iguazu, players will enter an open area and must chase a mech. To access the shut doors, players need to restore power. The following steps outline how to do so:

    • Return to the open underground area where the chase started.
    • Follow the trail of burning mechs until you reach an open pipe. Enter the pipe.
    • Take the catapult and launch yourself up. Expect light resistance along the way.
    • Use the pipes to reach the control room, where power can be restored to the shut doors.

    After restoring power, players should return to the closed doors during the mech chase. Both combat logs will be found in the same room nearby.

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