Blizzard’s Mike Ybarra Admires PS5 Exclusive Titles That Showcase “Absolute Latest Tech”

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    In a current Twitter exchange, Blizzard Entertainment executive vice president Mike Ybarra weighed in on the concept of having a console like the PlayStation 5, which chooses to focus much more on titles that are exclusive to it instead of held back by cross-generational development factors to consider.

    Speaking on Twitter, Ybarra stated:

    Obviously, we now know that Sony is releasing a lot of games that can only be played on PlayStation 5, while Microsoft is not going to release any Xbox Series X-only games in the first year that the system is out.

    Since Ybarra used to work for Microsoft for almost 20 years, this is not the first time he is officially backed Sony’s next-generation product over that of his old company. In January 2020, Ybarra said that the PlayStation 5 and PC were his top choices for the next generation of consoles. He did not even mention the Xbox Series X.


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