Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Fixes

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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Update has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, make sure to update to version to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

    Global Updates


    • Correction for Season 4 Battle Pass Emblem**: The art displayed for the Kill Shot Emblem in the Season 4 Battle Pass has been corrected for better visual accuracy.

    Multiplayer Enhancements

    User Interface (UI)

    • Improved Loadout Notification**: The visual style of the notification that appears after changing Loadout mid-match has been enhanced for better readability.

    Bug Fixes

    • After Action Report: Fixed an issue causing the After Action Report to unexpectedly close, ensuring players can review their performance without interruptions.
    • Missile Drone Killstreak: Corrected HUD prompts when controlling the Missile Drone Killstreak with an alternate button layout, making it easier to manage controls during intense gameplay.

    Progression Improvements

    Underbarrel Launcher Attachments

    • Challenge Progression: Underbarrel Launcher Attachments will now correctly progress Challenges requiring double kills with Grenades, providing more accurate tracking of player achievements.

    Reclaimer 18 Shotgun & DG-56 Micro Barrel Attachment

    • Double Kills Camo Challenge: Improved tracking of the double kills Camo Challenge for the Reclaimer 18 Shotgun, making it easier to achieve this milestone.
    • Attachment Unlocks: The DG-58 Micro Barrel Attachment for the DG-56 will no longer remain locked once players reach the Weapon Level requirement, ensuring smooth weapon progression.

    Gilded Camo Unlocks

    • Issue Resolution: Addressed a problem causing Gilded Camo for certain Weapons to remain locked even after meeting the unlock requirements, ensuring players get their deserved rewards.

    Multiplayer Modes Adjustments

    Bit Party

    • Score Consistency: Fixed an issue causing inconsistent scoring upon tag collection in Kill Confirmed mode, enhancing the accuracy and fairness of the game.


    • HUD Synchronization: Fixed an issue where the HUD didn’t match the selected Mutant’s abilities, providing clearer information for players.
    • Radioactive Beast: This mutant will now drown if submerged in water for too long, adding a strategic element.
    • Mutant Perks Activation**: Mutant Perks will now be active during the first life after the halftime team switch, making the game more balanced and enjoyable.

    Weapons & Attachments Balancing

    Assault Rifles

    Kastov 762 & 545

    • JAK Requiem Conversion Kit: Fixed incorrect iron sight and misaligned optics after unequipping the Conversion Kit, ensuring better accuracy and aiming.

    Submachine Guns

    FJX Horus

    • JAK Scimitar Kit: Corrected issue with incorrect iron sight and blocked Barrel Attachments. Players can now equip and use the barrel attachments as intended.


    KV Broadside (MWII)

    • JAK Jawbreaker Conversion Kit: Resolved issues with the JAK BFB Muzzle Attachment being blocked. Players can now equip this attachment without issue.

    Sniper Rifles

    FJX Imperium (MWII)

    • Attachment Clean-up: Removed incompatible Ammunition Attachments that could not be unlocked, simplifying the customization process for this sniper rifle.


    50 GS (MWII) & GS Magna (MWII)

    • Optic Compatibility: The JAK NRG-IV Optic can no longer be equipped without a compatible Barrel, ensuring correct attachment usage.



    • 40mm Slug Ammunition (JAK Thumper-656 Conversion Kit)**: Increased minimum damage from 95 to 150 (+58%), enhancing its lethality in combat. Additionally, removed unintended explosive damage properties, ensuring the weapon behaves as expected.

    Zombies Mode Updates


    • Sledgehammer Camo: Zombies Completionist Camos can now be equipped to the Sledgehammer without any issues, allowing players to showcase their achievements.
    • Server Disconnection Fix: Resolved an issue causing a server disconnection error when a player leaves an Unstable Rift, ensuring a smoother and more stable gameplay experience.

    Warzone Weapon Adjustments

    Assault Rifles

    Kastov 762 & 545 (MWII)

    • JAK Requiem Conversion Kit**: Similar to the multiplayer fix, the incorrect iron sight and misaligned optics issue has been resolved after unequipping the Conversion Kit.

    Submachine Guns

    SUPERI 46

    • Damage Modifiers Adjustment: Lowered the Lower Torso Modifier from 1.3x to 1.1x, and both Lower Arm and Hand Modifiers from 1.3x to 1.1x, balancing the weapon’s damage output for fairer combat.

    FJX Horus

    • JAK Scimitar Kit: Corrected the incorrect iron sight and blocked Barrel Attachments issues after unequipping the Conversion Kit, ensuring players have full access to all intended attachments.

    Marksman Rifles


    • Damage Modifier Reductions: Lowered the Lower Torso Modifier from 1.1x to .95x, Arm Modifiers from 1.2x to .95x, and Leg Modifiers from 1x to .95x. These adjustments are aimed at balancing the rifle’s effectiveness and providing a more even playing field.


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