Dauntless Update 1.30 Patch Notes

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    Phoenix Labs have released the official patch notes for the new Dauntless Update 1.3.0. Below you will find the complete information on the call of the Empty Update on June 11 th.

    The Dauntless Update 1.30 will be available for download quickly. Depending on the platform, the size of the download can differ, as can the particular version numbers.

    The new update includes a lot of new content and bug fixes.

    New Features:

    • Client-Authoritative Dodging: Improves playability for those with high latency by more clearly signaling invulnerability during a dodge.
    • Russian Language Support: Now available in Russian on all platforms except PlayStation 4, which is planned for a future update.
    • New Trials Aether Strikers Skins: “Victorious” and “Champion” skins are now available in Lady Luck’s store.
    • Reworked Main Menu: Enhanced to better match the scale of the game and facilitate navigation, especially on consoles.

    Weapon Updates:

    Aether Strikers

    • Damage Reduction: Overall damage for Aether Strikers has been toned down:
      • Focused Assault (LLL) damage reduced.
      • Spirit Barrage (LHH) damage reduced.
      • Mighty Squall (HHH) damage reduced.
      • Karma Breaker upfront damage and DoT reduced.
      • Titan’s Crash hits fewer secondary targets.
      • Echo Bracedriver mod bonus increased.
      • Surge ability improved to prevent getting stuck inside a Behemoth.

    War Pike

    • Damage Increases: Some attacks have increased damage.

    Chain Blades

    • Damage Increases: Specific attacks have increased damage.


    • Visual effects for jump and evasive blast attacks have been corrected.


    • Several bugs fixed, including issues with Twin Suns repeaters and the Marksman Chamber.


    • Now capable of breaking apart splitting projectiles.


    • Fixed an issue with the “Special Meter Full” audio cue.

    Behemoth Updates:

    • Various adjustments to attacks for Hellion, Stormclaw, Gnasher, Pangar, Nayzaga, Embermane, and Valomyr to improve clarity and playability.

    Quality of Life Improvements:

    Social Features

    • New Social Panel UI: Enhanced to show available friends and current activities, easier voice chat controls, and clearer notifications for new requests.
    • Voice Chat: Restricted to party members only.
    • Chat Commands: New commands for social interactions added.


    • VFX indicators for successful dodges.
    • Changes to how Escalation boosts are claimed from the Hunt Pass.

    UI Enhancements:

    • New tutorial slates added.
    • New settings to control the visibility of the Objective Tracker HUD.
    • Improvements to tutorial, mastery, and crafting screens.
    • Improved UI for remapping controller buttons on PC.

    Quest Adjustments:

    • Dialogue hints for unlocking NPCs.
    • Changes to quest requirements and rewards.

    Performance Enhancements:

    • Improved load times and framerate consistency in Ramsgate.
    • Reduced CPU usage.
    • Fixes for several potential crashes.


    • Level 1 to 10 weapon upgrades no longer require Slayer levels or mastery.
    • Various audio and visual improvements.
    • New VFX and SFX for breaking out of being frozen.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Comprehensive fixes across gameplay, cosmetics, UI, and miscellaneous categories addressing issues like stagger priorities, quest tracking, UI display problems, and more.

    This update focuses on enhancing the game’s playability, especially for players with high latency, improving social interactions, and streamlining both the user interface and gameplay mechanics. It also addresses a host of bug fixes to ensure a smoother experience across various aspects of the game.

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