Dauntless Update 1.35 – Patch Notes on September 3

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    Phoenix Labs have released the official patch notes for the new Dauntless Update 1.36 Below, you will find the complete information Update on September 3.

    The Dauntless Update 1.35 can now be downloaded and set up. You need to download and install a total of 1.5 GB. Depending on the platform, the size of the download can differ, as can the particular version numbers.

    New Features:

    • Slayer Links:
      • A new feature that allows players to earn rewards by linking with friends and playing together. Detailed information on how this works can be found on the official “Linked Slayers” blog post.
    • New Hunt Pass – Farslayer’s Fall:
      • This mini-Hunt Pass runs from September 3 to September 17 and features 25 levels of rewards. It includes almost every exclusive reward from the original Overgrowth Hunt Pass, along with 650 platinum, 200 Vault coins, and various consumables.

    New Items:

    • New Power Cell – Solid:
      • This power cell offers bonus damage that scales with your health, providing between 0.33% to 2% bonus damage for every 100 health. At higher levels (+4 and above), it also grants a 1% bonus to critical hit chances for every incremental decrease in shield thresholds (100/75/50).

    Weapon Updates:

    • Gnasher and Kharabak Weapons:
      • New unique effects have been introduced for both weapons, enhancing their combat capabilities.

    Gameplay Changes:

    • Escalation Skill Trees:
      • The skill trees for Escalation have been revamped, and all skill points have been reset. This update allows the use of amps from the upcoming Terra Escalation.
    • Ramsgate:
      • The Farslayers of Arbourhome are now present in Ramsgate. Explore the city to find new lore objects and unlock journal entries.
      • A new, more challenging foot race is now available in the city.

    Behemoth Updates:

    • Nayzaga Enhancements:
      • Improvements have been made to how Shadowtouched Nayzagas exit portals. They are now interruptible as soon as they appear.
      • Various bugs have been fixed, including one that made Nayzaga temporarily invincible when interrupted and another concerning the visibility of stagger VFX.
    • Thrax Bug Fixes:
      • Fixed an issue where Thraxes could become invisible during their portal dive move.
    • General Fixes for Other Behemoths:
      • Various minor adjustments and bug fixes across multiple behemoths to improve gameplay consistency.

    Quality of Life Improvements:

    • User Interface (UI):
      • Enhancements in the crafting UI include new icons indicating when equipment is actively equipped.
      • Updates to the description of Torgadoro amps.
      • Improvements in the display of localized text and button aesthetics.
    • Performance:
      • Fixes aimed at reducing connection timeouts and crashes, especially those occurring during equipment changes.
    • Cosmetic Fixes:
      • Adjustments to visual effects, such as those of the Skullforge, to ensure they remain hidden when transmogged.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Gameplay:
      • Addressed a collision issue with downed players; they no longer block projectiles and can be run over.
      • Fixed a bug where Behemoth attacks could grant inconsistent invulnerability states.
      • Addressed visual issues where certain attacks would appear underground or float in the air.
    • UI:
      • Fixed the default Field of View (FOV) settings on PC and ensured that opening the options menu does not alter the FOV unexpectedly.
      • Resolved issues with the breadcrumb system for Hunt Pass claimables and crafting quest objectives.
      • Fixed bugs related to the display of the player model preview in the UI, especially when switching between different repeaters.
      • Addressed a brief display issue in the objective tracker HUD.

    This detailed update should provide a thorough understanding of all the changes and new features introduced in Dauntless Update 1.36. If you have any more questions or need further explanations on specific points, feel free to ask!


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