Dauntless Update 1.36 – Patch Notes on September 10

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    Phoenix Labs have released the patch notes for the new Dauntless Update Below, you will find the complete information Update on September 10.

    The Dauntless Update 1.36 can now be downloaded and set up. You need to download and install a total of 500 MB. Depending on the platform, the size of the download can differ, as can the particular version numbers.

    Dauntless Patch Notes 1.3.6 and 1.36


    • New Arrivals: The Farslayers from Arbourhome are now in Ramsgate. Discover a new lore object and access their Journal entry.
    • New Foot Race: A more challenging foot race has been introduced.

    Behemoths Updates:

    • Nayzaga:
      • Shadowtouched Nayzagas’ portal interactions are improved—they are interruptible right after they become visible.
      • Fixed bugs related to its invulnerability and visual effects when interrupted.
      • Addressed an issue with Nayzaga tail spikes reappearing after being severed.
    • Thrax:
      • Fixed invisibility bug during portal dive.
      • Addressed the entry issue on Xbox One.
    • Valomyr:
      • Updated to prevent picking up purple shield buffs if already invulnerable.
    • Stormclaw:
      • Ensured that Stormclaw completes its Run & Pounce attack without distraction.
    • Pangar:
      • Ice walls are now confined to emerge from the ground only within island edges.
    • Koshai:
      • Enhanced distant appearance of Shadowtouched Koshai.
    • Rezakiri:
      • Resolved an issue with missing laser sound effects.
    • Shrike:
      • Improved visual quality of Shrike eyes on the Nintendo Switch.
    • Shrowd:
      • Enhanced the appearance of Shrowd jaws.


    • Kharabak:
      • New effect: Charged blades circle the player, dealing damage and speeding up until they explode.
    • Gnasher:
      • New effect: Periodic enrage that boosts damage and makes the player immune to stagger, with increased enrage speed upon taking damage.
    • Charrogg:
      • Reduced the stamina threshold for triggering its unique effect, enhancing DPS.
    • Axe, Hammer, Sword, Chain Blades, War Pike:
      • Adjustments to stamina thresholds for various weapons to trigger their unique effects more readily.
    • Repeaters:
      • Introduced the Primal prism forged from Kharabak parts and a new Frostbite Prism with a Mastery card.

    Quality of Life and Gameplay:

    • Escalation:
      • Reworked the talent point system, focusing on enhancing rather than merely unlocking amps. Included new passive talents and Multi-Amp unlocks that bring diversity and strategic depth to the gameplay.
      • Added new passive talents across different elemental escalations for speed, crit chance, resistance, life steal, stagger, wounding, and damage enhancements.
    • UI Improvements:
      • Updated equipment icons in crafting UI, improved localization text display, and refreshed the credits list.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Addressed collision issues with downed players, fixed bugs in Behemoth attacks, and resolved various UI and audio bugs.

    Performance and Cosmetics:

    • Performance:
      • Addressed connection stability issues and a specific crash related to equipment changes.
      • Enhanced visuals for buildings and foliage.
    • Cosmetics:
      • Fixed issues with the Skullforge’s flame VFX and other visual effects.

    This update focuses on refining gameplay mechanics, enhancing visual and performance quality, and simplifying player progression within escalations. Let me know if there’s anything specific you need more information on or any other part of the update you’d like further clarified!


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