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    Today, Phoenix Labs put out update 1.4.0 for Dauntless. Here is all the information that was updated on September 17.

    You can now get the Dauntless Update 1.37 and set it up. The whole thing takes 900 MB to download and set up. The size of the download and the version numbers can be different depending on the device.

    No Fear Patch Notes 1.4.0/1.37



    The Far Slayers who lived in Arbour’s home are now safe in Ramsgate since it fell. Take a look at the wild nature of their lost home and exact revenge for them.

    You have to fight your way through the Spore-struck Leviathans that are now stuck in the ruins and face off against Agarus, the new enemy.


    The Agarus has actually set up home in the middle of the Arbourhome Blight. Keep an eye out for its poisonous ichor and tangled roots, Slayer. If you kill an Agarus, you will be able to use new armor that you can make and famous weapons.

    Do not let your guard down and stay alert.


    Missions are a new kind of game. You can get to know your friends better by going on story-based hunts with them.
    Read the story of Dauntless and learn a lot more about the Shattered Isles’ history.


    The Odd Horizons Hunt Pass is a good place to enjoy both nature and magic. Unlock new sets of armor and weapon transmogrifications that were inspired by Granny Strega and the Far slayers.

    As of now, there are 3 sets of cosmetic armor instead of 2. The Alchemancer and Arbourhome Thornguard sets are brand-new for the Elite track, and the Sentinel’s Armour set, which was only available in the game store, is now on the free track.

    In honor of our 1.0 anniversary, we have also increased the amount of platinum you get back from your pass. By the time you hit Elite level 50, you can get back all of your platinum.


    • The new defense cell is parasitic. Parasitic delays some damage and gives it over time instead. You take damage that is delayed, but you also gain life, which gives you a chance to get your health back and stay standing. It only does damage that takes 10% or more of your maximum health.
    • The newpoison effect Illness poisoning is a new one that hurts you over time. Once a player’s “out for” meter is full, they will take damage while standing in crime and end up fighting the
    • state -. Look at the clear green slime! Contrary to what some people say, it will not turn you into a new poison-effect-critical turtle. chance New simple
    • time for tonic foods. The story quests will become news quests, and Granny’s Heartbreaker tonic will make you hit harder and do 25% more damage.


    9 are coming out

    • The Wilds Untamed. You can read these to learn more about Arbourhome and the Agarus risk! During the last light attack, ARMS
    • The War Pike should drain the pipes of stamina.
    • often for the war pike’s light attack on. The button to load ammo is now easier to press and feels faster. read more The window of time
    • When you enter the fifth step, the Piercing Flurry combination feels light and flexible. now you can play the game War Pillows regularly, all through attacking hard and line up their
    • Light is described as Work: L1 L2 H1 L1 L2 H1 L5 New: L1 L2 H1 L3 L4 H2 L5



    I made repeaters better by adding the Relentless Prism: They often became angry, doing an extra 5%, 10%, or 15% of damage and losing the ability to stagger. Getting hurt will

    you to get angry more quickly.

    • Players who use famous repeater guns no longer have to deal with a short hold-up problem. Famous repeater players should attack again while building Leviathans right now. treats AXE
    • Different issue PLAYERS FIX BUG LINKS FOR SLAYER Sreward pools Fixed a
    • where problem might not be being able to see their players’ Hyperlinks. But not a single thing was lost, and
    • now be able to see the Hyperlinks they created and claim their feature.

    Fixed a

    • where players might not be able to see their Slayer Link. Get better Fixed a
    • where the attacker might not be able to send or accept Slayer Link queries. there were two crashes that were fixed, and the Slayer Link looked different before the game.

    Fixed a bug that was

    • from attacking to canceling caused a normal set animation that slowed down.
    • It is no longer possible for players to over-eyes instead of on to stop.

    a tonic

    • Animated drinking scenes. To kill both of them, please drink a tonic. If it were the
    • unlocking beauty products Fixed a bug that caused the Malkarion Ultra Armor (cosmetic) to show up as. Now the Survival Safety Glasses skin shows up.
    • If ESCALATION is granted, Kismet’s Barrage will no longer aim at Leviathans instead. If the Barrage hits a Leviathan, though, it will still do damage.

    Leviathan, don’t aim for a Hey.

    I fixed a bug that made Kismet’s Flames skill not work.

    • Items about Torgadoro’s Strength A bug was fixed that let Flask Refill amps show up during the Strega’s Tonic patch when an Escalation skill tree was not in place.
    • Problems with playing getting worse.

    Fixed a problem where the Adventure

    the Hunt Escalation skill was Dauntless


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