Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Update 0.2.280 Details and Fixes

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    Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Update 0.2.280 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, make sure to update to version 0.2.280 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

    New Features

    Reroll Duplicate Protection

    • New Protection Added:We’ve introduced a protection system against rerolling duplicates for both artifacts and weapons. This ensures that players will have a more diverse and rewarding experience when acquiring new items, reducing the frustration of receiving duplicate items multiple times.

    Balance Changes

    Hurricane Guided Rocket System

    • Explosion Radius Update: The “Favourite” unstable Overclock now affects the explosion radius rather than the fire rate. This change aims to offer more strategic depth and versatility for players using the Hurricane Guided Rocket System.

    Bug Fixes

    Milestone Display

    • End Screen Clarity: Resolved an issue where a nonsensical completed milestone would appear on the end screen, providing a more coherent and understandable end-game summary for players.

    Meta Upgrades and Starting Resources

    • Refunding Meta Upgrades: Addressed an issue where meta upgrades were being incorrectly refunded at the start of a run.
    • Resource Display Fix: Corrected a display bug where starting resources from Nitra Cache and Gold Cache were not showing properly.

    Event Icons

    • Display Size Accuracy: Fixed the issue where top bar event icons were displaying incorrect sizes, ensuring consistency and readability in the game’s UI.

    Drop Pod Landing

    • Landing Coordination: Resolved a problem where the Drop Pod could land on top of the Morkite Reactor Core container, preventing unwarranted delays and ensuring smoother gameplay flow.

    Projectile Milestone

    • Milestone Consistency: Addressed an issue where the “Fire 150,000 projectiles” milestone was being unlocked multiple times, ensuring it now progresses and unlocks as intended.

    Weapon Box Artifact

    • Overclock Application: Corrected the issue where Overclocks were not applying correctly to weapons obtained from weapon boxes.
    • Weapon Selection: Fixed the selection limitation, allowing access to all unlocked class weapons rather than just the ones available to the current class.

    Class Mod Mastery

    • Shop Discount Adjustment: Adjusted the shop discount offered by Class Mod Mastery from 44% to 36% and replaced it with 2x DRG Coupons as rewards.
    • XP Gain Correction: Fixed an issue where XP gain for Classic Scout class mod mastery was sourced from mining rather than defeating enemies.

    Boss Fail Safe

    • Map Boundaries: Fixed an issue where bosses would sometimes charge off the map, causing a soft lock in the run. This ensures that bosses remain within playable boundaries, maintaining the integrity of the gameplay experience.

    Attack Drones

    • Targeting System: Resolved an issue where attack drones were targeting enemies that should not be targetable, improving drone effectiveness and reducing player frustration.

    Artifact Reroll Buttons

    • Reroll Availability: Fixed buttons not disabling when there were insufficient rerolls available despite having enough Nitra, streamlining the reroll process and providing clear feedback to players.

    Twin Dreadnoughts Health Transfer

    • Damage and Healing Transfer: Corrected the health transfer mechanic to ensure proper damage and healing are applied between the Twin Dreadnoughts.
    • Health Adjustment: Increased the base HP of the Twin Dreadnoughts from 9000 to 9500 to balance their challenge level appropriately.

    Morkite Reactor Audio

    • Audio Levels: Fixed low audio levels for the Morkite Reactor, ensuring that audio cues are clear and noticeable during gameplay.

    Arbalests Lava Projectiles

    • Projectile Behavior: Fixed the issue with rotating projectiles while the game is paused, ensuring consistent projectile behavior regardless of game state.

    UI Improvements

    Mastery Bonuses

    • Enhanced UI: Improved the UI around mastery bonuses to provide clearer and more intuitive feedback to players about their progression and rewards.

    Artifact Selection

    • Starter Artifacts: Enhanced the UI for selecting starter artifacts, ensuring that players have a better understanding of their options and excluded artifacts in masteries and anomaly dives.

    Other Changes

    Vita-Miner Pills

    • Removal from Bloody Learner: Vita-Miner Pills have been removed from the Bloody Learner perk, streamlining perk choices and reducing redundancy.

    Pause Screen

    • Challenge Clarity: Biome goals will no longer display during challenge runs, offering a cleaner and more focused UI during these tense moments.

    Artifact Pickup Speed

    • Faster Collection: Adjusted the pickup speed for Morkite Reactor Cores, allowing them to be collected slightly faster and improving gameplay flow.

    Mission Control Voice Lines

    • Voice Line Corrections: Fixed incorrect voice lines that would play during biome mastery stages 6 to 9, ensuring that Mission Control provides accurate and contextually relevant information.

    This detailed breakdown ensures that players of “Deep Rock Galactic Survivor” are well-informed about the changes, fixes, and enhancements made to the game, thereby enhancing their overall gameplay experience.


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