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    Destiny 2 Update has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Destiny 2, make sure to update to version to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.


    The Pale Heart

    • Weapon Leveling Fix: Adjusted the leveling speed of weapons in the Overthrow activity to ensure progression aligns with the intended game design.
    • Pathfinder Objective Resolution: Resolved an issue affecting progression in the Heart’s Hidden Depths Pathfinder objective, allowing players to advance as expected.
    • Boss Triumph Corrections: Updated the Triumphs for Overthrow bosses to now correctly count all specific bosses towards achievement.


    • Sword Dance Cyst Correction: Fixed an issue where the Sword Dance Cyst was not properly recognizing Sword pickups, ensuring smooth gameplay.

    Infested Caverns Adjustments:

    • Fixed Acolyte Spawn Delay: Addressed a bug causing a delay in Acolyte spawns within the Moth Infested Caverns.
    • Removed Moth Respawns: Discontinued moth respawns during boss fights to streamline combat encounters.
    • Time Trial Extension: Extended the time trial timer in the Infested Caverns by an additional 2 minutes, bringing the total time to 6 minutes to aid in completion
    • Hive “Gunk” Crash Fix: Resolved a game crash issue triggered when breaking hive “gunk” with a Sword.

    Vanguard Playlist

    • Expansion Requirement Removal: Removed the necessity for owning Lightfall and The Witch Queen expansions to access specific Vanguard Ops content, allowing more players to participate.


    • Ammo Count Adjustment: Adjusted the ammo count for the Still Hunt Exotic Sniper Rifle to balance gameplay.

    Ghost Mods Correction:

    • Private Matches Bonus Rewards: Fixed an issue where Ghost Mods were granting incorrect bonus rewards in private matches.
    • Reputation Gain Fix: Corrected the reputation gain in private Rumble matches to reflect the intended values.


    • Resonant Synergy Challenge: Ensured the Resonant Synergy challenge is now fully compatible with Prismatic subclasses.
    • Light Magnitude Node Requirement: Adjusted the Light Magnitude node requirement to exclude Masterworked weapons, simplifying progression.
    • Proof of Ability Node: Reduced the Proof of Ability node requirement from 100 to 25 ability kills to make it more achievable.

    Dungeons and Raids

    Salvation’s Edge

    • Extended Timer: Increased the post-final encounter timer to provide players with more time to collect rewards and strategize.
    • Adept Weapon Issues: Fixed issues preventing the purchase of Adept weapons on Master difficulty.

    The Shattered Throne

    • Surges Removal: Removed the Surges mechanic to streamline the dungeon experience.

    Seasonal Activities

    Enigma Protocol

    • Countdown Timer Fix: Addressed visibility issues with the countdown timer, ensuring it’s clearly displayed to players.

    Breach Executable

    • Crash During Material Collection: Resolved a rare game crash that occurred when collecting certain materials.
    • Weekly Activity Challenge Tracking: Corrected tracking issues for Weekly Activity challenges, ensuring accurate progress reporting.
    • Expert Level Vex Damage Adjustment: Adjusted damage output for Expert level Vex combatants to balance encounters.

    Material Gathering Improvements:

    • Reduced Extraction Time: Decreased the time required to extract samples, speeding up progression.
    • Two Pistons Per Run: Ensured two Pistons are available per run for better resource management.
    • Navigation Point Visibility: Enhanced visibility of navigation points to facilitate smoother exploration.
    • Increased Roaming Time: Extended roaming time post-next encounter, allowing players more time to explore and gather materials.
    • Score Tier Banner: Fixed missing text issues in score tier banners, ensuring clear communication of player accomplishments.

    Gameplay and Investment


    • Improved Glide Fix: Addressed an issue with the improved glide ability associated with Heat Rises, ensuring it functions correctly.
    • Facet of Hope Buff: Corrected interactions involving the Facet of Hope buff to maintain intended gameplay mechanics.


    • Year 6 Gear Removal: Removed Year 6 gear from the Blind Well loot pool to maintain the integrity of rewards.
    • Orbs of Power in PvP: Disabled the Speaker’s Sight ability for creating Orbs of Power in PvP to maintain balance.



    • Recoil and Stability Fix: Addressed a recoil issue and increased the weapon’s stability by 30%.
    • Ricochet Shot and Damage Adjustment: Reduced ricochet shot damage and adjusted the initial damage bonus for better balance.

    Red Death:

    • Intrinsic Stability Bonus Reduction: Reduced the intrinsic stability bonus to align with design goals.


    • Bullet Count Issue: Corrected an issue with the bullet count for improved gameplay consistency.



    • Magazine Option Fix: Resolved an issue with the magazine option and updated existing versions to High-Velocity Rounds for consistency.


    Air Trigger:

    • Perk Application Fix: Fixed an issue where the Air Trigger perk wasn’t applying correctly.
    • Aim Assist Penalty Reduction: Reduced the Aim Assist penalty to make the perk more viable.

    Enhanced Physic:

    • Restoration Fix: Ensured the Enhanced Physic perk now provides the correct Restoration x1 duration.

    General Fixes

    • Failsafe Voiceover and Subtitles: Fixed mismatches between Failsafe’s voiceovers and subtitles, improving narrative clarity.
    • Character Boosts Screen: Added more details to the Character Boosts screens for better player understanding.
    • Wishbearer Title: Fixed availability issues with the Wishbearer Title to ensure it can be correctly earned by players.
    • Season Rank Display: Corrected the display issues with Season Rank in the Player Menu for accurate progress tracking.
    • Echoes Engrams: Resolved focusing issues with Echoes Engrams to facilitate smooth operations.
    • Exotic Glaive Patterns: Fixed issues with Legendary Shard requirements for crafting Exotic Glaive patterns, ensuring a fair and balanced economy.
    • Gear Loading Issues: Addressed problems with gear loading in specific activities and destinations to ensure smooth transitions and gameplay.


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