Digibee Raises $60M in Series B Funding Round Led by Goldman Sachs to Fuel Growth and Developer Enablement

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    Digibee was able to raise $60 million for Series B funding

    DollarBee, a tool for simple integration for large businesses, raised $60 million in a Series B round with Goldman Sachs as the lead investor. Southern Europe, Vivo Ventures, the Brazilian phone company Vivo, Kinea, and G2D were some of the other companies that took part.

    Putting the Money to Work

    The round brings Digibee’s total funding to $90 million. The company plans to use the money to grow in the US and Latin America, with a focus on improving customer service in the US.

    Adding AI and letting developers use it

    Digibee wants to add AI features to the platform and work on making the product easier for developers to use.

    Getting around Problems with Integrating Apps and Processes

    App and process integration has been a problem for decades, but Digibee’s owners saw a need to solve it in a new way. The business has a group of automatic tools that connect apps and can be used in various settings to help create and manage integration flows that link an organization’s on-premises and cloud-based services, apps, data, and processes.

    Trying to beat out legacy integration vendors

    Digibee rivals with Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM, and other well-known integration companies, as well as smaller companies like Boomi, Software AG, and TIBCO.

    Differences in the Pricing Model

    Digibee’s main selling point is its usage-based price, which means customers do not have to pay for as much use as they could possibly make.

    iPaaS Market Growth

    There was a poll by IDG and TeamDynamix that said iPaaS (integration platforms as a service) like Digibee are becoming the best way for businesses to use new digital technologies. By November 2021, 27% of companies had already put money into iPaaS, and 66% had plans to do so in the next 12 to 24 months.

    The company, Digibee, has grown a lot in the last few years and wants to hire more than 300 people by the end of the year. The company wants to help businesses get rid of their old merging technologies so that they do not have to deal with as much pain and can get more value for less money.


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