Dive into the Metaverse: Nintendo’s Bold Move Revealed by Company President!

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    Blockchain, metaverse, NFT… Players are obviously not ready

    The metaverse and NFTs have been on many lips over the past year and part of 2021, but many have backtracked for now. Ubisoft has chosen to anticipate the possible beginning of a trend by launching its NFTs, Square Enix still believes in it, Konami had presented its ambitions at the end of 2022 in terms of Web3 and NFT, and Peter Molyneux (Fable) had collected more than 40 million dollars for its Web3 game called Legacy. More broadly, the phenomenon has declined.

    Meta totally missed it with its metaverse, which cost the company enormously while many cryptocurrencies have collapsed. Still, the blockchain, these virtual currencies and these shared virtual universes have not disappeared, and we should quickly find out whether publishers find viable ways to bring them to the public. For the moment, the latter seem, with a few exceptions, have trouble convincing players that all these notions and mechanics can bring something to them. And if there’s one publisher that you can’t imagine throwing yourself headlong into the metaverse and NFTs, it’s Nintendo.

    However, the firm has already set up virtual universes in the past. We think in particular of Miiverse but the features were limited and, above all, demonetized. We were therefore quite far from NFTs and other virtual goods validated and protected by a digital account book. But at a time when we are starting to seriously talk about the next console from the Japanese manufacturer, console that Bobby Kotick describes as equivalent to a PS4 or Xbox One in terms of power, one of the investors decided to put the subject of the metaverse on the table.

    Nintendo and the metaverse—it’s not for now

    Taking advantage of a question and answer session, this investor asked Shuntaro Furukawa, CEO of Nintendo, what he thought of these shared virtual spaces that have recently emerged with varying degrees of success. The President seems to be quite aware of developments in this concept, but suggests that at present, the brand has not found a way to convert it into something accessible and understandable by its public:

    Officially, Nintendo watch this metaverse idea but doesn’t seem about to convert it into a proposal for the public. However, two things should be kept in mind. First, Shuntaro Furukawa responds here to a shareholder and, whatever his status, he must not offend him. Also, we know that Japanese speech overwhelmingly excludes the direct “no”, to favor a polite refusal brought about by devious means. Finally, the response from the CEO is almost identical to the one he gave in February 2022.

    Saying “the concept has potential, but it’s difficult at the moment”, the Nintendo CEO makes it clear that the idea is for the moment, very far from being seriously considered by the firm, which nevertheless observes all this just to remain reactive. Obviously, Nintendo players who don’t like the metaverse and its applications will still be able to sleep on their two ears for a few years.

    Nintendo, known for its innovative approach to gaming, is taking a cautious stance when it comes to the metaverse, NFTs, and shared virtual spaces. While the concept has gained attention in the industry, Nintendo’s CEO has stated that the brand has yet to find a way to make it accessible and understandable to its public. This response is not surprising considering Nintendo’s traditional approach to gaming and their focus on delivering unique and immersive experiences.

    It’s important to note that Nintendo’s cautious approach is not a dismissal of the concept altogether. The CEO acknowledges the potential of the metaverse but highlights the current difficulties in implementing it. This response is in line with previous statements from Nintendo, indicating that the company is observing the metaverse trend while remaining reactive to its developments.

    Nintendo’s hesitation may be attributed to their commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences that resonate with their audience. While other publishers have embraced NFTs and shared virtual universes, Nintendo’s priority seems to be ensuring that any integration aligns with their brand and maintains the essence of what makes Nintendo games unique.

    Overall, Nintendo’s approach reflects their commitment to delivering innovative gaming experiences while remaining cautious about emerging trends. As the metaverse and NFTs continue to evolve, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo finds a way to incorporate these concepts into their future offerings. For now, Nintendo fans can be sure that the metaverse might not be coming to their screens any time soon. However, the company’s attention and response show that they are not totally ruling out the idea, which keeps fans interested in what the future holds.


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