Dying Light 2 PS5 Ray-Tracing Effects Teased By Techland

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    The creators of the planned open-world zombie game Dying Light 2 have confirmed that the PS5 version will support ray-tracing.

    Ray-tracing works for Dying Light 2 on PS5.

    Tomasz Szalkowski, Techland’s rendering director, told the latest issue of OPM UK that adding next-generation ray-tracing effects will give the game the edge when it comes to making it more extreme.

    The biggest game we have made with our own C-engine is Dying Light 2. We really need to reach our goals when it comes to graphics, which is why this will be the first Techland product to allow ray tracing. When we do it on PC, we are working with Nvidia and using the newest developments in this field.

    The following effects will make the Dark Zones in the game even more intense:

    Dark Zones are an important part of our game, which is why we are testing secondary lighting (lights that shine off of surfaces) from man-made sources (like a gamer’s flashlight). This will make exploring these places even more intense.

    Though Dying Light 2 is set to come out on PS4 and PS5, it will not be in the spring 2020 as Techland had previously said it would be.

    The game takes place in the same world as its very popular predecessor, and players take control of Aiden Caldwell, a beginner. As you might expect, there are a lot of zombies ready to have their brains splattered all over the place. However, this time they stay hidden during the day and come out in full force at night.

    The whole blurb is below:

    You are Aiden Caldwell, a survivor who has been tainted. You are a useful friend and an important product in this dangerous world because of how dexterous you are and how cruelly you can fight. You are able to do things that no one else can. Go to places that no one else does. Because of the special skills you have, you might be able to help this city get better.

    Source: OPM UK Problem 174 (May 2020)


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    1. So why would you only state ps5 and not Xbox series x, especially since the series x has 40% more in raytracing capabilities?

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