Every Recipe in Sea of Stars: A Guide to Finding and Gathering All Recipes

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    Sea of Stars Recipe Guide

    Are you looking to gather all possible recipes in Sea of Stars? Whether it’s for completing an achievement or becoming the greatest chef in the game, this guide will help you. Unlike most games, some recipes in Sea of Stars can’t be obtained through quests and shops. This Sea of Stars Recipe Guide will provide you with all the recipes and their locations.

    Every Recipe in Sea of Stars & where to find them

    If you’re looking for a recipe in a specific town, you can buy the relic from the local item store. If the recipe is hidden in a chest during the main story, there will be separate sections below to help you find them quickly.

    Food Recipes

    Food Recipe Effect Location
    Berry Jam +5 MP Given to you
    Tomato Club +20 HP Given to you
    Basic Salad +35 HP Given to you
    Chaudree +8 MP Chest in Mountain Trail
    Mushroom Scramble +35 HP / +5 MP Chest in Elder Mist’s Trials
    Mushroom Soup +40 HP (All) Chest in a Moorlands cave
    Papillote Cures K.O. with 50% HP Town of Lucent (at first),

    eventually purchasable from most towns after

    Hearty Stew +90 HP Chest in Flooded Graveyard
    Mooncradle Fish Pie +55 HP / +5 MP (All) Chest in Haunted Mansion (Dining Area)
    Bouillabaisse +110 HP / +6 MP Docarri Village
    Croustade +80 HP / +7 MP (All) Mirth (must open an Item Shop first)
    Parfait Cures K.O. with 75% HP Underwater Chest in Autumn Hills;

    it’s on the way to your destination and very hard to miss

    Peach Strudel +12 MP Cloud Kingdom
    Sashimi +155 HP Chest in Derelict Factory
    Yakitori Shrimp +15 MP Repine
    Pain Doré +9 MP (All) Lost Ones Hamlet (one of the floating souls is an Item Shop)
    Gourmet Burger +175 HP / +7 MP Lost Ones Hamlet

    Chaudree (Mountain Trail)

    The Chaudree recipe can be found along the Mountain Trail. It is located in a fog-covered area near the waterfall. Make sure to look out for it while climbing to reach Elder Mist.

    Mushroom Scramble (Elder Mist’s Trials)

    You won’t miss the Mushroom Scramble recipe while you’re in Elder Mist’s Trials. It can be found on the middle tower path.

    Mushroom Soup (Moorlands)

    Look for a chest in a cave along the Moorlands to find the Mushroom Soup recipe. Once you find the chest, it requires a few additional steps to reach. Exit the cave and climb to the ledges on top to discover a gigantic hole. Jump into it to find the recipe.

    Hearty Stew location (Flooded Graveyard)

    The Hearty Stew is located in a cavern within the Flooded Graveyard. While following the main story, you will come across this cavern. Climb to the very top and jump down, angling your fall towards the platform on the left to find the recipe.

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