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    Dead by Daylight: New Silent Hill DLC Brings Cheryl Mason and Pyramid Head into the Fray

    Fans of the player-versus-player horror game Dead by Daylight received thrilling news today: Cheryl Mason and Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill franchise will become playable characters in an upcoming DLC pack. Alongside these two new characters, a new Silent Hill map will also be introduced. Silent Hill joins the ranks of previous Dead by Daylight crossovers, which have included the Left 4 Dead franchise and iconic movie franchises like Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street.

    New Playable Survivor: Cheryl Mason

    Cheryl Mason will be a playable survivor in the upcoming Dead by Daylight DLC. Known as the main protagonist of Silent Hill 3, Cheryl was also a key character in the original Silent Hill game and Silent Hill: Origins. According to the creative director of Dead by Daylight, the development team chose Cheryl over other lead characters because of her strong connection to the main plot of the original games.

    Here are the names of Cheryl’s perks and their effects (subject to change):

    • Soul Guard: Gain the Endurance status effect for a limited time after being healed or recovering from the dying state. While cursed by a Hex, you can fully recover from the dying state.
    • Blood Pact: While you or the Obsession are injured, you both see each other’s auras. After being healed or healing the Obsession, you both gain the Haste status effect for a limited time.
    • Repressed Alliance: Activates after repairing generators for a while. When active, press the Active Ability button while repairing a generator to call upon the Entity to block the generator for a limited time. Affected generators will be highlighted by a white aura to all Survivors.

    In Silent Hill 3, Cheryl was known as Heather Mason. She took the name Cheryl in the game’s normal ending; Heather herself was a reincarnation of the original Cheryl Mason from the first Silent Hill game.

    New Playable Killer: Pyramid Head

    Pyramid Head, also known as the Executioner, will be a new playable killer in the upcoming DLC. First appearing in Silent Hill 2, the Executioner is a monstrous figure symbolizing the protagonist’s tormented mind. With his iconic pyramid helmet and massive butcher blade, Pyramid Head is one of the most recognizable characters in the Silent Hill franchise.

    In Dead by Daylight, the Executioner will use his substantial blade to attack, along with a smaller knife to open trenches on the ground. These trenches lead to the dark dimension depicted in the Silent Hill games. If survivors walk through these trenches, they become tormented. Once tormented, Pyramid Head can summon them into the Cage of Atonement, which functions similarly to hooks in the main game.

    Here are some perks that the executor will have (subject to change):

    • Forced Penance: Survivors who take a protection hit suffer from the Broken status effect for a limited time.
    • Trail of Torment: After kicking a generator, you become Undetectable for a limited time. During this time, the generator’s yellow aura is revealed to Survivors.
    • Deathbound: When a Survivor heals another Survivor for one health state, the healer will scream, revealing their location and activating Deathbound for a limited time. During this time, the healer will suffer from the Oblivious status effect when too far from the healed Survivor.

    New Map: Midwich Elementary School

    The new Silent Hill map included in the DLC will be the Midwich Elementary School from the first game. The creative director explained in an interview with IGN that the school was chosen as a map because it represented the first time players truly experienced the world of Silent Hill. The Midwich School was designed to closely resemble its original version from the PlayStation Silent Hill game.

    New Features: Legendary Outfits and New Music

    A new feature called Legendary Outfits will be introduced in Dead by Daylight. These costumes will transform characters into entirely different characters. Cheryl will have a Legendary Outfit based on Lisa Garland, turning her into a new model. Lisa is a nurse from Silent Hill and a significant recurring character in the early games.

    Veteran composer Akira Yamaoka, best known for his work on Silent Hill, has also composed a new score based on the Dead by Daylight theme in the style of Silent Hill.

    Dead by Daylight, first released in 2017, is a multiplayer horror game where a group of survivors must escape from the lair of a horrifying serial killer or monster. Up to four players can form a group, while another player controls the killer or monster. Survivors must avoid being captured and repair generators to open the gates to freedom. The Silent Hill DLC is slated for release this June.


    What are the new characters in the Dead by Daylight Silent Hill DLC?

    The new characters are Cheryl Mason, a survivor, and Pyramid Head, also known as the Executioner, a killer.

    What is the new map in the Dead by Daylight Silent Hill DLC?

    The new map is Midwich Elementary School from the original Silent Hill game.

    What are the legendary outfits in Dead by Daylight?

    Legendary outfits are costumes that transform characters into entirely different characters. Cheryl Mason, for example, will have a legendary outfit based on Lisa Garland from Silent Hill.

    When is the Dead by Daylight Silent Hill DLC releasing?

    The Silent Hill DLC is scheduled to be released in June.

    What is Dead by Daylight?

    Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game where survivors must escape from a killer or monster. Players can either be one of the survivors or take on the role of the killer. The game was first released in 2017.


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