Exciting Console Release: KinnikuNeko: SUPER MUSCLE CAT Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch – Preorder Now!

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    In an exciting announcement for gaming enthusiasts, Publisher Mameshiba Games and developer Kamotachi have revealed that the much-anticipated side-scrolling platformer, KinnikuNeko: SUPER MUSCLE CAT, will be making its way to several major gaming consoles. Specifically, the title will be available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The news broke through the companies’ official Twitter announcement, where fans were also informed that wishlisting is now accessible via the PlayStation Store.

    The game’s journey began with its initial launch on PC via Steam on March 19, 2024. With the impending console release, fans of the PC version have something to look forward to as well—a “great update” will be rolled out concurrently.

    Here’s a detailed overview of the game, provided by Kamotachi:

    Prepare yourself for a zany adventure in KinnikuNeko: SUPER MUSCLE CAT, as it masterfully blends action-packed sequences with whimsical storyline elements. This 2D platformer features an unexpected protagonist—a muscular, bodybuilder cat known as KinnikuNeko. This feline hero stands resilient against a formidable alien invasion that has besieged Earth and ensnared its inhabitants. Joining KinnikuNeko on this daunting quest are his steadfast friends, Lemon and Keita, who have miraculously evaded the clutches of these menacing extraterrestrials.

    • Engage in an invigorating 2D platformer experience that is interspersed with captivating mini-games, ensuring a dynamic and varied gameplay rhythm. Whether it’s purring with the gentleness of a kitty or unleashing punches with the force of a bulldozer, the versatility is delightful.
    • Immerse yourself in an enthralling narrative teeming with goofy humor, deep-rooted friendships, intense drama, and relentless action, buoyed by a host of unforgettable characters that bring the story to vibrant life.
    • The game boasts a visually striking art style that pays homage to the beloved Japanese anime of the 90s, capturing both nostalgia and novelty in its design.
    • An electrifying soundtrack accompanies your adventure, amplifying the emotional and physical highs and lows of your journey.
    • Replayability is key, as players are encouraged to explore levels repeatedly to uncover hidden items and secrets, adding layers of depth to the gameplay.
    • And yes, you can even meow using a special button, because what’s a super muscle cat without its signature meow?

    Navigating through a variety of levels, players will employ sheer muscle power or agile climbing skills to progress and rescue humanity. However, the path is fraught with dangers posed by the sleek and ferocious General Pitaya and her two cunning minions.

    Discover the true motives behind this alien invasion in a story enriched with humor, camaraderie, drama, and action. All of this is presented with a visual aesthetic that is quintessentially 90s Japanese anime, bringing a nostalgic yet fresh flavor to the presentation.

    Why have the aliens chosen to invade Earth? What are their plans for the captured humans? And perhaps the most bewildering question of all—why is our hero a muscular cat?!

    Meanwhile, enjoy an old trailer for the PC version below, offering a glimpse into the thrilling world of KinnikuNeko: SUPER MUSCLE CAT.

    Trailer #2


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