Fall Guys Patch Notes 1.22 Update Today on June 07, 2023

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    A new update has been released for Fall Guys Update 1.22. You can find out all the details of the game update, bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes below. Fall Guys Update 1.22 is now available for download on all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.


    • Fixed a bug where some Creative rounds did not load in Private and Matchmaking lobbies
    • Fixed an issue with PS4 and PS5 users being stuck on the Fall Guys loading screen when launching without a network connection.
    • Fixed a bug where some users were unable to save and re-publish Rounds that had already been published
    • Fixed an issue where entering the settings menu of a selected object in Creative would break the editing function
    • Fixed an issue where some users were blocked from editing their Round after changing Obstacle settings in Creative
    • Fixed an issue where the Spinning Plates “Large” size parameter breaks the level editor
    • Fixed a bug where only one respawn point is available on Creator Rounds
    • Fixed an issue where Korean text was appearing incorrectly
    • Fixed Audio settings so they now affect SFX in Creative
    • Fixed an invalid error appearing after changing the Show in a Lobby when the Player count exceeds the Show’s capacity
    • Fixed a bug where attempting to access the Creative Editor and Round Browser results in infinite loading
    • I fixed an issue which caused the loading screen to load infinitely after the user had deleted a Round
    • Fixed an issue with entering a new share code in a private lobby and not automatically switching to the new share code.
    • Fixed a bug Save/Load: “Round name is already in use” prompt appears despite not having a round with the same name in Load Menu
    • Fixed a connectivity issue causing game loading times to be prolonged significantly for remaining lobby members if a user quits the game during a map loading screen
    • Fixed a bug where the Fall Feed displays only the winner of a Race Creator Round instead of showing all qualified players
    • Fixed an issue with the Report Player button in Party Menu being unresponsive
    • Fixed a visual issue with Rounds that pass Moderation not displaying that they are Published
    • Rounds that aren’t in the current Roundpool will no longer show in the Show Loading carousel
    • Fixed an issue with users on PlayStation being unable to invite using the Online Friend Notification
    • Fixed an issue causing the inability to rotate the camera on the starting Countdown on Creative Rounds
    • Fixed a bug causing users to get disconnected on certain Creative Rounds and then be unable to connect to other Rounds after
    • Fixed Costume and Obstacle clipping on numerous affected cosmetics

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