FIFA DOWN: EA Server Status Latest, No Connection Issues at FIFA 22 Beta Launch

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    There are a lot of reports of FIFA servers going down today. EA fans are also reporting server problems that happened when the highly anticipated FIFA 22 beta launch. The Independent Failure Monitor Down Detector has seen a rise in both FIFA and EA server down reports. The rise in FIFA and EA server down reports began today around 6pm BST (Thursday, August 12), during the launch of the FIFA 22 beta.

    Down Detector UK and have seen hundreds of reports of FIFA and EA servers going down at the time of this writing.

    When the problems with the FIFA test hit 22, EA fans went on Twitter to talk about them.

    One tweeted: “Broooo are the FIFA 22 servers out? I can’t play anything”.

    While another posted “FIFA 22 beta servers down”.

    “Waiting all day for the FIFA 22 Beta, just until the computers go down,” said another.

    Someone else wrote, “The FIFA 22 beta sites might not be up and running, but at least the music is cool.”

    Some people said there were problems with the FIFA 22 test. The EA Help Twitter account said they knew about the problems and were looking into them.

    In response to a gamer, @EAHelp posted on Twitter: “Hi, thank you for taking the time to contact us about the FIFA 22 Beta.

    “The team is aware that players will not be able to access the beta modes and is currently investigating this. For now, we kindly ask that you take the time to investigate this. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    The stated problems with the EA servers happened on the same day that players of Madden 22 also had technical problems.

    The EA Help Twitter wrote earlier today: “Our team is working on a number of technical issues with the Madden NFL 22 EA Play Early Access Trial on select platforms.

    “We will update as soon as possible, thanks.”


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