Forgot to use Incognito mode? Google finally lets you DELETE your search history

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    If you forgot to enable incognito mode in Google Chrome before searching the web, don’t worry, Google now has an easy solution. For those of you who don’t know, Incognito Mode is the built-in privacy-focused browser mode in Chrome. While it won’t hide your activity from your ISP (or the websites you visit), your activity will no longer show up in web history or Google predictive search.

    Until now, there was no way to delete your searches from Google’s saved browsing history unless you specifically turned on Incognito Mode. While you can remove individual websites from the web history stored in Chrome, searching would still provide a useful (or, in this case, non-useful) reminder of a previous search query in the future.

    So, while it has long been possible to remove from your history in Chrome, the next person who used the family can start typing ‘engage’ and then be asked that you previously used Google to to chase ‘engagement rings’.

    Announced at its annual developer conference, known as Google IO, the California company explained that it will now include a quick shortcut to delete the last 15 minutes of searches using its search engine.

    So if you suddenly realize you’re looking for birthday gifts without Incognito mode enabled, you can go to the main page, click your profile icon in the top right corner, select Manage your Google Account, then click “Delete history” in the menu. Simples.

    Google finally lets you DELETE your search history
    Unfortunately, only the last 15 minutes is removed. Image: GOOGLE

    Google says it has put this new feature center stage as it believes it will be hugely popular with fans. That suggests this may have been something forgetful Google users have been asking the company to implement for a while.

    Regardless, it’s nice that you don’t have to be so precious to go shopping for a gift every time you jump into incognito mode, look up a career switch on a work computer, or, um, well, if you’re on thinking, we’re pretty sure these are the only two things incognito mode is ever used for.

    There is a catch: the function is limited to the last fifteen minutes. In addition, you will have to deal with the consequences of your registered searches.

    Privacy was at the center of Google IO’s opening speech, which was abandoned last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this year only if online stream takes place. In addition to the ability to delete search history with a single click, Google has added a private folder to its Google Photos app. Snaps and videos in this folder are hidden in the main view of the app. You can also store them behind a fingerprint or facial scan, which is handy.

    Android users can also visit a special Privacy Dashboard, which shows which permission applications can access, such as your current location or camera finder. These permissions can be revoked with a single tap from this one-stop-shop screen in the Settings menu.


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