Former PS5 Engineer Confirms “Many, Many Things Haven’t Shown Up In Leaks”

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    You should not worry that everything we know about the PS5 is already out there. Mark Hargett, a former engineer on the PlayStation 5, has confirmed that Sony has a lot of tricks up its sleeve when it comes to the next-generation PlayStation.

    When quizzed about VRS (Variable Rate Shading), an GPU effective rendering strategy that is supported by Xbox Series X but has not announced for PlayStation 5 yet, Hargett stated in Twitter exchange with Digital Foundry’s Alex Battaglia that “many, many things haven’t appeared in leakages[regarding PlayStation 5] There are a lot of secrets that are being well kept:-RRB-”

    The full exchange, which you can see below, definitely proves that Sony still has a lot more information they do not want to share about the PlayStation 5, even though they already let a lot of information about its technical specs and DualSense controller slip.

    We are still waiting for the full teardown of the PlayStation 5’s specs that Lead System Designer Mark Cerny promised us last month. This would show us the PS5’s cooling option for the first time. Meanwhile, rumors are spreading quickly about a full-on May reveal for the console and the games that will come with it this holiday season.

    What do you think? Are we thrilled?


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