Honkai: Star Rail Warp Trotters Guide – Locations and Rewards

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    Where to find every Honkai Star Rail Warp Trotter

    As you explore Honkai: Star Rail and revisit earlier areas, you may encounter Warp Trotters. These creatures resemble quivering pigs and are reminiscent of the Metal Slimes from the Dragon Quest series. They are elusive and quick, making it a challenge to defeat them in battle. However, if you manage to defeat them in time, you will be rewarded with various treasures. Here is the location of every Warp Trotter in Honkai: Star Rail.

    All Warp Trotters on Herta Space Station

    In each combat zone of Herta Space Station, there is one Warp Trotter. To find them, you need to return after completing the Main Story in that section of the map. The Warp Trotters spawn only once and do not respawn once defeated. There are three Warp Trotters in the Herta Space Station.

    Storage Zone

    The Warp Trotter in the Storage Zone can be found in the first-floor room in the bottom-left corner of the map.

    Supply Zone

    In the Supply Zone, you can find the Warp Trotter in a middle antechamber where you solve puzzles for the “Sensitive Beings” Side Mission.

    Base Zone

    The Warp Trotter in the Base Zone spawns in the crook of the left hallway near the top of the map.

    All Warp Trotters on Jarilo-VI

    There are eight Warp Trotters scattered across Jarilo-VI.

    Outlying Snow Plains

    In the Outlying Snow Plains, you will find a Warp Trotter near the Crimson Calyx, which corresponds to the Path of The Hunt Ascension Materials.

    Backwater Pass

    In the Backwater Pass, the Warp Trotter is located near an area that is initially inaccessible during the story progression.

    Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone

    The Warp Trotter in the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone is found in a southern alleyway near the Energy Construct that needs repair in the Main Story.

    Corridor of Fading Echoes

    In the Corridor of Fading Echoes, the Warp Trotter is also located in a southwestern alleyway.

    Everwinter Hill

    After defeating Cocolia for the first time, you can find the Warp Trotter on your way to the Cavern of Corrosion.

    Great Mine

    In the Great Mine, the Warp Trotter is hiding around some derelict storefronts and housing in the northern portion of the map.

    Rivet Town

    In Rivet Town, there’s a small alleyway in the southeastern corner that leads to a Formidable Foe where the Warp Trotter can be found.

    Robot Settlement

    The last Warp Trotter on Jarilo-VI is located at the very southern tip of the Robot Settlement Map, near Svarog and Clara.

    All Warp Trotters on the Xianzhou Luofu

    You can encounter six Warp Trotters on the Xianzhou Luofu. More Warp Trotters may be added if additional maps are unlocked.

    Cloudford Warp Trotter

    In the Northern portion of the map, you will find the Cloudford Warp Trotter. Use the northernmost Space Anchor and head south down the stairs to reach it.

    Stargazer Navalia

    The Stargazer Navalia Warp Trotter is located in a locked room that cannot be entered while progressing through the story. To find this Trotter, return to the central Space Anchor in the south and open the locked door to the north.

    Divination Commission

    This Warp Trotter is easily located in the southern portion of the map, near a Hexanexus puzzle.

    Artisanship Commission

    The last Trotter in the Artisanship Commission can be found in the southern portion of the map. Defeat the Abundant Ebon Deer during the main story, return to the stage where the battle took place, and work your way south along the map to find it.

    Alchemy Commission

    The Alchemy Commission Warp Trotter is located on the second floor of the commission. Approach from the right side, and it should have its back turned towards you.

    Scalegorge Waterscape

    In the rightmost part of the Scalegorge Waterscape, you’ll find the Warp Trotter after the battle with Phantylia the Undying.

    How to defeat Warp Trotters in Honkai Star Rail

    Warp Trotters are fast and will only allow you two turns before fleeing the battle. To counter this, you need to use characters with Physical, Imaginary, or Quantum attributes to quickly attack and inflict a Weakness Break on the Trotter before it escapes. It is recommended to have at least two characters with these attributes on your team, but having three or four makes it easier to defeat Warp Trotters. Avoid using auto battle, as it may prioritize other enemies over the Trotter.

    Some free-to-play characters that can be used for this include Physical Trailblazer, Natasha, and Qingque. Having characters like Sushang, Clara, Welt, or Seele from the Gacha will give you an advantage.

    Why you should hunt Warp Trotters in Honkai Star Rail?

    Warp Trotters are considered treasures in Honkai: Star Rail. Once you defeat a Warp Trotter, it will not reappear the next day like other enemies. Defeating Warp Trotters rewards you with 60 Stellar Jade, a premium currency that can be obtained through gameplay or purchase. You can check whether there is a Warp Trotter in an area and whether you have defeated it by clicking on the Treasures drop-down arrow in the top-left corner of the Map Screen. Hunting Warp Trotters is a great way to earn some extra Stellar Jade while exploring the game.


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