How to Check Your Fortnite Stats

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    How to Check Your Fortnite Stats

    And keep track of them

    In our competitive world, numbers dominate. From test scores to points in a game, we want high numbers. They should be high enough to beat the majority and stand proudly at the top of the heap. A video game like Battle Royale Fortnite is no exception. Players have been wanting to keep up with their Fortnite stats, from wins to kills and accuracy. Good thing Fortnite tracker are here to help!

    Why Keep Track of Fortnite Stats?

    So far, third party Fortnite trackers list wins, win rate, kills, a kill-to-death ratio, and the number of matches played. They also keep track of time spent playing and the ranks the player has attained. At a glance, you see how well you’re doing in terms of furthering your skills in the game.

    While your overall skill isn’t really quantifiable with a number (there’s such a thing as intangibles after all), these ones can help you keep track of your growth as a player. As you win more, you gain the confidence to engage with other players. The more you engage, the more experience you get. Strategies and moves improve, and you’ll do better and better. These stats are only markers and benchmarks.

    Focus on improving your skills, and you’ll see these numbers rise.

    There are rumors of an after-round summary of your stats in-game. They’re only suggestions for now, but maybe we’ll see something similar in the future. Among the suggested stats it’ll display are accuracy, circle location, and the path you took during the battle. Bear in mind that Epic Games is still thinking about implementing something like this, so something totally different might appear later.

    How to Check Your Fortnite Stats

    It’s as simple as looking up your name on the tracker. The webpage will then display your stats. One big section is for your overall matches, and smaller ones for Solo, Duo, and Squad modes. They’ll display your ranks, matches played, wins, win rate, kills, kill-to-death ratio, and time spent playing. There are options to see stats on platforms you play on as well. You’ll have to set your profile to ‘public’ for your stats to appear, though.

    You may download the app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store as well. Just look up your (or your friend’s) name on it. Lastly, you can access their bot on Discord by following a link on their site.

    And that’s how you can check and keep track of your Fortnite Stats. Whether on your PC or on mobile, you can look up your name and see your stats listed. Take them as markers of your growth! The best opponent to be will always be yourself. Chasing a moving end goal is a frustrating experience. That’s exactly how it would feel if you make your goal a living person. They are also growing, just as you are. Even if you catch up to them, they’ll pull away soon enough. You have a different rate of growth from theirs. Just do your best to beat your former best!

    At any rate, continue enjoying Fortnite! Despite all the difficulties the pandemic is causing, don’t let it rob you of the ability to have fun doing what you like.


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