How to do the Engima Week Timed Research tasks and rewards in Pokémon Go

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    Given That Pokémon Go Fest 2020 participants were able to complete 16 of the 32 global challenges at the event, Pokémon Go fans all over were able to unlock Enigma Week as an Ultra Unlock. There are 3 Ultra Unlock weeks, and the second one is Engima Week, consisting of Pokémon with a weird and magical background. The weekly event also comes with a timed research job that if you complete it before the end of the week rewards you with special Pokémon featured throughout the event, along with a range of items.

    The Engima Week tasks do not launch in the game up until August 7 at 1 pm PT. Usually, research tasks for special events launch in New Zealand ahead of time, offering trainers all over the world a far better idea of what to expect when it opens for them. for Engima Week, players will not find about these tasks up until everything ends up being available at the exact same time.

    Enigma Week research job and rewards

    These are the available research tasks you can receive during the event, and the reward for completing them.

    • Make 3 curveball throws – Baltoy encounter
    • Win a raid – Staryu encounter
    • Catch 3 Psychic-type Pokémon – One rare candy

    It does not appear there is any timed research job for Enigma Week. The timed research tasks featured 5 tasks trainers had to complete before the end of the week to access Pokémon special to the event, together with rewards. It looks like Dragon Week, the first of the Ultra Unlock weeks, was the just one to have it.



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