How to impale someone in BitLife

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    For those looking to complete the Vampire Challenge in BItLife, you need to finish a selection of jobs while you live your life in thegame The more complex job in front of you is to impale 3 people in the game efficiently. Impaling someone is exceptionally tough due to the danger associated to doing it.

    If you desire to impale someone, you desire to wait a bit longer in your life till you’re older, and you have lots of money We’re talking about millions of dollars in the game when we’re talking about plenty of money. Since of the effects connected with trying to impale a person, you need to.

    After you have enough money, somewhere in the millions, you can attempt to impress someone. To do this, you need to go to the Activities tab and pick the Criminal activity. From there, you want to go down to the Murder alternative and try to find the impale option. If you see it, you can choose to opt for a random person in the game or for someone more detailed to you, such as an ex-significant other.

    You need to do this three times. There are numerous effects for doing this, such as being offered a life sentence. Due of the high danger of this job, you desire to utilize all of your money to purchase the very best attorneys you have offered to you. You run the danger of being sent out to prison, where your possibilities of living go down rather a bit if you do not. Plus, you run the danger of losing your house and other assets in BitLife, which can prevent you from finishing various obstacles.

    Impaling a person is tough in thegame If you go for having a lot of money and keeping yourself healthy, you ought to be able to do this quite efficiently over time.


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