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    BitLife, the life simulation game developed by Candywriter, offers players the chance to live a digital life from birth to death. It allows you to make choices that impact various aspects of your character’s life, such as education, career, relationships, and health. Whether you aim to become a famous actor, a wealthy entrepreneur, or a notorious criminal, BitLife provides a sandbox of possibilities. This guide is tailored for beginners who are looking to start a new life in BitLife, with detailed steps and tips to ensure a successful and enjoyable virtual journey.

    Starting a New Life: The Basics

    When you begin a new game in BitLife, the first step is to create your character. The game randomly assigns you a country, gender, and name, but you have the option to customize these details through the “Custom Life” feature. Choosing the right country can have significant implications on your character’s opportunities and challenges. For example, being born in a country with a strong economy can lead to better education and healthcare options.

    Attributes: Your character starts with four main attributes: Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks. These attributes will influence various aspects of your life, from academic performance to social interactions. It’s essential to keep these attributes balanced to ensure a well-rounded life.

    Early Childhood: Building a Strong Foundation

    In BitLife, your early childhood years lay the groundwork for your future. Pay attention to your health and happiness by attending doctor visits regularly and engaging in activities that boost your joy, such as spending time with family and playing with toys.

    Education: Even though preschool and elementary school may seem straightforward, performing well academically and maintaining good behavior can set you up for success. Participating in extracurricular activities, like sports or clubs, can provide additional benefits and open doors for future opportunities.

    Relationships: Building strong family relationships is crucial. Spend quality time with your parents and siblings to maintain high relationship bars. This emotional support can be invaluable later in life, both personally and financially.

    Navigating the Teenage Years

    As your character transitions into the teenage years, new opportunities and challenges arise. High school performance becomes critical as it influences your chances of receiving scholarships and gaining admission to prestigious universities.

    Extracurricular Activities: Joining clubs and engaging in sports can enhance your skills and provide additional benefits. For example, excelling in sports can lead to athletic scholarships, while participating in academic clubs can improve your Smarts attribute.

    Social Skills: Teenage years are also a time to develop social skills. Building friendships and starting to date can boost your happiness and provide a support network. Choose friends and partners who have a positive impact on your life.

    Adulthood: Setting the Stage for Success

    Once you graduate high school, the choices you make become even more critical. Whether you decide to attend university or jump straight into a career, each path has its own set of challenges and rewards.

    Higher Education: If you choose to attend university, selecting a major that aligns with your career goals is essential. Maintaining high grades and participating in university activities can lead to job offers and networking opportunities.

    Early Career: If you opt for a career right after high school, focus on gaining work experience through internships or entry-level positions. Building a strong resume and developing professional skills will help you climb the career ladder.

    Long-Term Goals and Planning

    As you progress in BitLife, setting long-term goals becomes crucial for a fulfilling life. Whether it’s achieving financial independence, building a family, or pursuing personal interests, having a plan can guide your decisions.

    Financial Management: Start saving money early and consider investing in stocks, real estate, or other assets to build wealth. Managing your finances wisely will prevent debt and ensure financial security.

    Personal Development: Continue developing skills and hobbies that interest you. This can improve your overall happiness and provide alternative career opportunities. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, a balanced diet, and mental health practices is also vital.

    The Role of Random Events

    One unique aspect of BitLife is the occurrence of random events that can significantly impact your character’s life. These events can be positive, like winning the lottery, or negative, such as dealing with health issues. Being prepared for these events by having a safety net, such as savings or strong relationships, can help you navigate these challenges effectively.

    Future Outlook in BitLife

    As you move through different stages of life in BitLife, it’s important to adapt and plan for future milestones. Whether it’s retirement planning, managing mid-life crises, or ensuring a peaceful old age, each phase requires careful consideration and strategy.

    Career Changes: Sometimes, you may want to switch careers later in life. This can be due to personal dissatisfaction or the pursuit of a long-held passion. BitLife allows for these changes, but it’s important to be prepared for potential setbacks and new challenges.

    Family and Relationships: Maintaining good relationships with family and friends remains important throughout life. These relationships can provide emotional support and practical assistance, such as helping with finances or offering a place to stay during tough times.


    Starting a new life in BitLife is a journey filled with choices that shape your character’s destiny. By understanding the game’s mechanics and making thoughtful decisions from the beginning, you can ensure a successful and fulfilling virtual life. This guide provides a comprehensive overview for beginners, covering the essential aspects from birth to adulthood. As you continue to explore BitLife, remember that each decision can have far-reaching consequences, so plan wisely and enjoy the adventure. Future guides will delve deeper into specific aspects, such as excelling in school, building a career, and managing relationships, to help you navigate the complexities of BitLife and achieve your goals.


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