How You Can Relive Your Childhood But Through The Internet

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    Here’s How You Can Relive Your Childhood But Through The Internet. Read On To Know More

    Childhood memories always bring a smile to your face. Holidays meant spending time with family and friends to indulge in our favorite pastime, board games. Indoor games were more popular since you could play them in any season or at any time of the day.

    While you can’t go back to your childhood, you can relive those fond memories online. Thanks to the latest technology and the Internet, you can play most of the popular board games you played as a child without a physical board. Whether it is ludo, chess, carrom, draughts, or scrabble you can play these games with your friends on your mobile phone.

    Popular Board Games Played on the Internet

    Given below are some board games you can enjoy on your mobile phone:


    The game of dice and of course, whoever got a 6 was in luck. Either 2 or 4 players can play this game. There are four different-colored squares, red, yellow, blue, and green. Each square has four tokens of the same color.

    The movement of tokens is clockwise, and the goal is to reach the home triangle or the finish line as soon as possible. Depending on where your tokens are, if you roll two 6’s, then you get a bonus roll. You could also capture the opponent’s token if it’s in your way.

    To win this game of strategy, you need to get all your tokens into the home triangle first. To play this board game online, you need to search for a reliable ludo game download. Once you download the app on your mobile phone, you can start playing.

    With ludo download on your mobile phone, you can enjoy some great features like 24/7 tournaments, play with friends, play random, quickest ludo, refer and earn, and quickest payout. You need to have an iOS 9.0 or higher versions and Android 4.1.


    Chess is a game that has global popularity and is a great way to improve your strategic skills. Played by two players, this board game has 64 squares.

    There are two sets each, black and white, with a king, queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. There are eight rows and columns. Each of these pieces moves in different ways, and if you have planned your move right, then you can capture the opponent’s pieces.

    Chess Pieces

    It’s checkmate for you if the king is in check and cannot move legally to escape. You also win if the opponent can finish on time, or they resign. Sometimes games end in a draw.

    You can play against a computer and go up from level 1 to level 10, with 1 being the ‘easy’ level and 10 being ‘grandmaster’. You can take hints from the site for your next move.

    Download this app from Google Playstore, and you would require 5 to 6 MB of space. Play it online and offline. For the best experience, make sure you have Android 4.2 and higher versions.


    Remember playing carrom? This enjoyable board game is played on a 29 inch-board and has a lacquered plywood surface. You could play singles with two opponents or doubles with two teams and four opponents.

    In singles, the opponents sit opposite each other. In doubles, partners face each other, and the opponents sit opposite each other. There are nine black and white carrommen and a red queen.

    Whoever wins the toss starts the game, and if you can pocket your carrommen, you get another strike. The carrrommen is targeted with a striker. To win, you need to get the queen into the pocket first and follow it up with a cover.

    If the thought of playing carrom again gets you nostalgic, then there’s news for you! You can play carrom online, and you don’t need the physical carrom board or carrommen to play.

    Available on Google Playstore, this app works on both iOS and Android devices. For a superior gaming experience, make sure you have Android 4.4, iOS 8, or higher versions.

    Snakes and Ladders:

    Do you remember that your Ludo board had another bonus game, snakes and ladders? Well, this popular game can be played online as well. With 100 grids having snakes and ladders, the rules of this game are different from Ludo, but the excitement is the same.

    You need to roll the dice to start this game, and it needs two players. Unlike Ludo, you need to start with a 1. With every move, you could either climb up the ladder and get closer to the finish line, or if you are unlucky, you could end up getting eaten by a snake and go all the way down to the start.

    The online version does not require the actual board, and you can download the app on your mobile phone from Google Play on an Android device version 4.4 and higher. You can ask a friend to join you and play with them no matter which part of the world they are in.


    If you had a fascination with words as a child, you would know the game of Scrabble. You can have two to four players to play this board game. The most exciting part of the game is finding a triple letter or word and challenging your opponent regarding a word.

    This game is one way to teach your child the art of making words and is great fun. There are 15 x 15 squares, and you need to make words with the letter tiles you have. The player who scores the most with a combination of a double or triple letter in their word wins the game.

    To play this thrilling game online, you would need an Android 4.4 device or higher version.

    Relive Your Wonderful Childhood Memories

    The Internet is a great way to go down memory lane. All the exciting board games that you played as a child can now be downloaded on your mobile phone. You can challenge your friends and family to play as well.

    These online games are not only a great stressbuster but also keep you alert and engaged. So what are you waiting for? Download your favorite board game today!


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