Multiversus Update 1.34: Bug Fixes and Game Enhancements

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    Multiversus Update 1.34 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Multiversus, make sure to update to version 1.34 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

    New Fighter

    Agent Smith Joins the Multiverse!

    • Agent Smith is now a part of the eclectic Multiverse roster, bringing his formidable skills to your matches.
    • Free Event: Engage in the “Beat Rifts, Get Agent Smith Free!” event starting on July 8 to unlock Agent Smith at no cost.
    • Purchase Availability: For those who miss the event, Agent Smith will be available for purchase starting July 23.

    New Modes

    Free-For-All Mode

    • Addition to Normal PvP Queues: The exhilarating Free-For-All mode is now part of the regular PvP queues.
    • Gameplay Parameters: This mode supports up to 3 other players, and the first to achieve 4 ringouts will emerge victorious.

    Spectator Mode

    • Custom Games: Spectator Mode is now available for custom games, allowing up to 4 spectators per game. Watch the action unfold and strategize with your friends.

    General Updates

    Post-Game Stats

    • Return of Post-Game Stats: Post-game statistics for both PvP and PvE matches are back, enabling players to analyze and improve their performance.

    Battle Pass Enhancements

    • Battle Pass Tiers Purchase: Players can now purchase Battle Pass Tiers using Gleamium, making it easier to progress through the Battle Pass.

    Daily Free Item

    • Store Update: A daily free item is now available in the Store, offering players more opportunities to enhance their collections.

    Fighter Select Portraits

    • Visual Update: Fighter Select Portraits have been updated to feature 2D art renders, providing a fresh look to the character selection screen.

    Custom Game Mode

    • Perk Editing: A new option to edit perks in Custom Game mode has been added, allowing players to tailor their strategies.
    • Color Customization: A toggling option for Outline Colors and Team Colors has been added in the Settings, enhancing visual clarity.


    New Rift: The Megalodog PvE

    • Introduction: The new Rift, The Megalodog PvE, is now available for players to challenge and conquer.

    Future Rifts

    • Upcoming Challenges: Prepare for the “Age of Smith” and “Triple Threat” Rifts, each promising unique challenges and rewards.

    Rift Updates

    • Terminology Change: “ Rift Cauldrons” have been renamed to “Rift Star Meters” for greater clarity.
    • Star Meter Adjustment: Completion requirement for Star Meters has been reduced from 80% to 72%, making it slightly easier to achieve full completion.
    • Daily Gem Rewards: Daily Gem Rewards now appear on a Rift of each attunement daily, providing consistent rewards for your efforts.
    • New Buttons: New functionalities have been added, including buttons for auto-equipping gems, retrying a Rift node, and leaving Rift matches.
    • Boss Requirements: The requirements for defeating bosses to unlock Matrix Code variants have been lowered, accelerating progression.

    Balance Updates

    General Balance

    • Area-Of-Effect Attacks: Damage for Area-Of-Effect attacks has been reduced on higher difficulties, encouraging more strategic gameplay.
    • Reflect Damage: Reflect damage has also been reduced on higher difficulties, balancing the defensive mechanics.
    • Armature Knockback: The knockback effect from armatures has been diminished, refining combat interactions.

    Account Systems


    • Enhanced Display: Badges now display pertinent stats on the Account Cosmetics screen, offering deeper insights into achievements.

    Mastery and Leaderboards

    Progress Tracking:

    • Account mastery, character mastery, and leaderboards now show progress for all matches in a set, providing a more comprehensive overview of player performance.
    • Fixed Loss Display: Issues with incomplete matches displaying as losses have been resolved, ensuring accurate match records.

    Input Preferences

    • Customizable Input Buffer Timing & Control Stick Deadzones:** Fine-tune your gameplay experience with customizable input buffer timings and control stick deadzones.
    • Input Swaps: Options to swap side/neutral attack inputs, toggleable attack inputs for picking up items, and fastfall method input settings provide more control flexibility.
    • Neutral Dodge Binding: Customize your Neutral Dodge input binding for a more personalized control setup.

    Combat Changes

    • Neutral Dodge Lockout: Fighters now incur a 6-frame lockout on neutral dodge after hitstun, promoting fairer combat exchanges.
    • Combo Mechanics: Long combo strings now apply a vacuum attack hitstun decay penalty, reducing the impact of repetitive attack sequences.
    • Incapacitate Resistance: Attacks that incapacitate now apply a temporary incapacitate-resistance buff, balancing stuns and crowd control effects.
    • Side Attack Standardization: Side attack combo input buffers have been standardized for consistency in combat.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fire/Shock Damage: Fixed issues where fire or shock damage occurred simultaneously with an attack, ensuring accurate damage calculations.
    • Respawn Invulnerability: Fixed a bug where characters respawned without spawn invulnerability, restoring the intended protective period.



    • Adjustments and Fixes: Various attack adjustments and fixes have been implemented to enhance her gameplay balance.


    • Attack Timings and Bat Bomb: Adjusted attack timings and fixed issues related to the Bat Bomb mechanic.

    Black Adam

    • Knockback and Timings: Tweaked knockback effects and attack timings for a more polished gameplay experience.

    Bugs Bunny

    • Attack Adjustments: Adjusted attack properties and timings for better balance and fluidity.


    • Increased Knockback: Certain attacks now have increased knockback, making Finn’s offensive capabilities more impactful.


    • Timings and Properties: Adjusted attack timings and properties for smoother combat interactions.


    • Car Gameplay and Arrows: Tweaked issues related to car gameplay and arrow charge mechanics.

    Harley Quinn

    • Attack Properties and Bat Doll: Adjusted attack properties and mechanics related to the Bat Doll.

    Iron Giant

    • Rage Mode Bug: Fixed a bug related to rage mode and adjusted attack properties to ensure balanced gameplay.


    • Hitbox Improvements: Improved the sizes and timings of hitboxes for better combat accuracy.


    • Hitbox and Attack Adjustments: Adjusted the sizes of hitboxes and attack properties for a more balanced performance.


    • Attack Timings: Tweaked attack timings to enhance gameplay dynamics.


    • Projectile Fixes: Fixed issues with projectiles and adjusted attack properties for smoother play.


    • Grenade Mechanics: Adjusted grenade mechanics and fixed related animation issues.


    • Damage Increase: Increased damage output and adjusted attack properties to make Reindog more formidable.


    • Portal Issues: Fixed issues with portal mechanics and adjusted attack timings for better flow.


    • Attack Adjustments: Tweaked attack timings and properties to refine combat strategies.

    Steven Universe

    • Shield Mechanics: Tweaked shield mechanics and attack properties to balance defensive and offensive capabilities.


    • Dynamite Issue: Fixed issues related to dynamite and adjusted attack properties.


    • Perk and Attack TweProperties:Tweaked perk effects and adjusted attack properties to fine-tune Superman’s abilities.


    • Increased Damage: Damage for certain attacks has been increased, making Taz a more formidable opponent.
    • Attack Adjustments: Adjusted attack properties to better align with gameplay balance.

    Tom & Jerry

    • Improved Jump Speeds: Increased jump speeds to enhance mobility.
    • Cooldown Fixes: Fixed issues related to cooldowns, ensuring more consistent attack availability.

    The Joker

    • Hitbox Adjustments: Adjusted the sizes of hitboxes and attack properties to improve accuracy and balance.


    • Zoning Tools and Bug Fixes: Adjusted zoning tools and fixed various bugs to enhance her role in team strategies.

    Wonder Woman

    • Projectile Blocking: Tweaked projectile blocking mechanics and adjusted attack properties to refine her defensive capabilities.


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