Orbit Studio Announces New Cyberpunk Metroidvania Game “Sky Dust” for PC

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    Sky Dust: New Cyberpunk Metroidvania Action Game by Retro Machina Creators Announced for PC

    Orbit Studio, known for titles such as Retro Machina, Haunted House reboot, and Ebenezer and the Invisible World, has recently unveiled their latest project: Sky Dust. This new Metroidvania side-scrolling action game is set in a visually stunning cyberpunk world and will be available for PC via Steam. However, a release date for Sky Dust has not yet been announced, leaving fans eagerly waiting.

    According to the game’s Steam page, Sky Dust is set in a dystopian future where society as we know it has collapsed following a global disaster. In this chaotic world, the lines between morality and ethics are blurred, creating an environment rife with intrigue and danger. Players will step into the shoes of a mercenary hired by powerful individuals to execute various high-stakes tasks, with data trafficking in the Cyberverse being a primary focus.

    A Deeper Dive into the Game’s Story

    Orbit Studio offers this captivating synopsis:

    “Sky Dust is set in a cyberpunk universe, taking place in a future where society has collapsed following a global disaster, and the lines between morality and ethics have become blurred. In this world, powerful individuals hire mercenaries to carry out various tasks, with data trafficking in the Cyberverse being the most common. Players take on the role of a mercenary embarking on a transformative journey, impacting both their own life and the world around them.”

    Key Features to Keep an Eye On

    One of the most exciting aspects of Sky Dust is its challenging combat system. The game promises dynamic and strategic encounters where players must utilize dodging, parrying, and precision strikes to overcome diverse enemy moves and abilities. This necessitates a high level of tactical thinking and skillful execution, appealing to both seasoned Metroidvania fans and newcomers alike.

    The game also boasts an engaging gameplay loop. As players navigate through the main campaign, they will collect money that can be used to upgrade their character and participate in activities within the game hub. This monetary system adds another layer of strategy to the gameplay, allowing for customization and progression that feels both meaningful and rewarding.

    A Unique World Splitting Concept

    Sky Dust sets itself apart with its dual-world concept. Players will traverse both the real world and the virtual Cyberverse, each offering unique challenges and skill trees. This is a compelling innovation that not only diversifies the gameplay experience but also deepens the narrative impact, showing the consequences of the global disaster in multifaceted ways.

    What Gamers Can Expect

    For gamers, Sky Dust represents an exciting blend of classic Metroidvania elements and innovative storytelling in a richly designed cyberpunk universe. The emphasis on strategic combat, character progression, and the unique dual-world mechanic provides ample depth and replayability. While the absence of a specific release date leaves some questions unanswered, the anticipation around this title is undoubtedly growing.

    In addition to the game description, Orbit Studio has released an announcement trailer and first screenshots, providing a glimpse into the game’s atmospheric art style and intense gameplay. With its evocative settings and engaging mechanics, Sky Dust is shaping up to be a must-play title for fans of the genre.

    Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to follow Sky Dust’s development. For now, PC gamers can wishlist the game on Steam and prepare for the immersive journey that awaits.


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