OSRS Gold – The 5 Best Ways to Purchase it

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    Here are the best ways to purchase OSRS Gold, and how to do it safely

    OSRS Gold is one of the key components of the massively influential MMO title. However, there are better ways than some when it comes to collecting the currency. What’s more, you will also want to do so in the safest manner possible. With that in mind, here is a list of the 10 best ways to purchase gold in Old School RuneScape.

    1. Use a Secure Payment Method

    First things first. Whenever you are delving into buying gold for OSRS, you need to make sure that you are using a secure method of payment before doing so. Whilst this is the standard for buying anything online, it is no more true than it is here.

    When it comes round to payment, you should be certain that the method that you have chosen is one that has plentiful security. Not only that, but you can keep yourself safe when buying online by ensuring that you have some form of consumer protection. It is also important that you be careful who you are purchasing from, which brings us to our next point.

    1. Use a Legitimate Seller

    In the online world of Runescape, there are plenty of outlets for you to purchase gold from. However, some are more reputable than others, so you need to be aware of who you are buying from, and what it is that you are buying.

    When choosing a seller, you should research the legitimacy of the site, as well as how they gain their products in the first place. To avoid yourself being scammed, or even banned from the game altogether, its best to check the reputation of your seller. The higher the rep, the less likely you will suffer from any drastic consequences.

    1. Knowing More About Mule Accounts

    If you have looked into purchasing OSRS Gold, then you may have come across the term Mule Accounts. Essentially, this is where you would make an account separate from your main account, in which you would transfer items in order to keep your items safe on your main account.

    This is considered a shady method from many members of the community and is more than likely frowned upon by the developers, depending on what you are using it for. If you are trading supplies to be used on your other account, then there shouldn’t be any problems with it. But if you are trading something solely for to keep them safe from being banned or something similar, then it is considered to be muling. Whilst some may offer this as a solution that could reduce the risk of you getting banned, it’s still best to know more about it before choosing it as a method of buying gold.

    1. Reduce your Risks – Close your Chats

    There are many things to be aware of even when you get to the point where you are purchasing your gold. One piece of advice that will be given to you by many when researching into buying gold for the first time is to make sure your chats are closed.

    The recommended time for closing your chats is for 30 minutes, which counts for both your Private and your Public chats. You may be wondering what the reasoning is for this, and its basically to avoid being scammed. There have been some situations in which players have found themselves being conned via chats. For example, a scammer could use the identity of a supplier by having a very similar username. From there, they could potentially send you a message enticing you to return the gold for an additional bonus, or perhaps state that they forgot to add something. Because of this, you should close both chats, and leave the trading place as soon as your gold has been delivered.

    1. NEVER Return Your Gold!

    Which leads us nicely onto what could be considered as one of the most important points from this list, and fits in well with the previous point. As discussed, you are at risk of receiving messages when your transaction has taken place. This is a time in which scammers will attempt to strike.

    There isn’t a circumstance in which you should ever have to return the gold that you have purchased. So if you do happen to receive any messages asking you to return your gold for whatever reason, then you are best off ignoring them. If they can manage to persuade you to return your gold then you will be losing said gold, as well as the money you used to pay for it. So whatever you do, never give your gold back and follow the safer practices that you have read here.


    By following these steps, you are ready to get started on Buying OSRS Gold for the first time. Many obstacles could see you being banned or scammed to be aware of, but if you take them into account before diving into the market, then you will be fine. There are many reputable vendors for gold, which even offer 24/7 chat support in some cases if you need to put your mind any further at ease. Just remember to be safe, and avoid any dangers before doing so.

    Have you purchased OSRS Gold? Let us know in the comments section below!


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