Path of Exile – How to Craft Double Influence Items

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    The use of the Awakener’s Orb in Path of Exile can help you conjure up a number of insane items.

    The practice of using Orbs in Path of Exile doesn’t just play a role in the PoE currency. Sure, they are used as a form of this as opposed to the usual gold collecting that we have in similar games. But not only do PoE Orbs serve as your in-game money, they also play a role in crafting PoE items. In fact, they have a massive say in how you make some of the most powerful and effective PoE items in the entire game.

    There are also a number of different methods for you to use to craft items, depending on which ones you want to use. Something you will have come across is influenced items, which can in turn be then fused with another to make into double influence. This is done so using a process with an item known as the Awakener’s Orb, which drives home the importance of using PoE Orbs for crafting as well as currency.

    Influenced Items

    Before we delve into double influence, first we need to know what influenced items are. Essentially, influenced items are a special feature in PoE in which certain items are able to be expanded by modifiers. You will recognize an influenced item based on its appearance, as well as an icon where the name plates are. These are typically located in maps through bosses in the game. Items that have been modified will be also keep their influence type.

    There are six different influences in Path of Exile, with Crusader, Warlord, Redeemer, Hunter, Shaper and Elder influences available for you to choose from. As for double influence, this is the practice of fusing two items together to make a hybrid item of sorts.

    Awakener’s Orb

    To also fully understand double influence, you will need to have an idea of the Awakener’s Orb. This is a currency item which effectively destroys whatever it is used on, therefore allowing players to apply the influence of the item to something else, as long as its of the same class. Once you have done so, the second item is reforged, and is made into a rare item with new modifiers. And perhaps more importantly for the sake of this article, its an orb that brings forth the process of two influence types. If you want to find an Awakener’s Orb, then you can do so through Sirus, Awakener of Worlds.

    This was a recent form of currency that was added to the game via a patch not so long ago. It isn’t considered to be rare, but with a drop rate of 20% it isn’t overly common either. It might also be considered to be a very expensive form of currency, so it is ultimately a personal choice as to whether you deem it worth your while. What it does have going for it is the fact that it doesn’t just fuse base items together from two different influences, but it also fuses together the modifiers from each as well.

    Example of Double Influence

    So lets take a look at an example of how a double influence situation could work. You could take a Crusader item that features an item of influence. Say if you have an explosion modifier on a blue item like the Crusader’s Sentinel Jacket of the Lightning, you could take the Critical Strike Chance modifier from the Elder Vaal Regalia and fuse it onto the Crusader’s Jacket. This then applies the two mods to the influenced items.

    An issue with the process is that you can end up with a bunch of random mods that you didn’t have before. This is because the Awakener’s Orb rerolls the mods, so it can add a bit of confusion to the mix.

    That is more or less everything you need to know about double influencing items in Path of Exile. As you can see, Orbs are much more than just PoE currency, and the method you see above can help you to create some crazy items with a wealth of interesting modifier combinations to go with them.

    Have you used a double influence before? Let us know in the comments section below!


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