Player clocks Fortnite win without moving

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    A YouTuber who plays Fortnite has won the game while sitting in a tree on a chair, though his friend helped him a lot to make it happen.

    Australian content creator LazarBeam took on the job of playing a game of Fortnite while his character sat in a chair for the whole game, getting a win from it. As you might expect from unpredictable zone changes, there were a lot of attempts to get the win. LazarBeam said he had been trying to win this way for 8 hours, spending most of that time watching players fight on a flag pole at the Firm in the middle of the map.

    He finally decided to give it one more try. This time, he made sure that his roommate, the Fortnite YouTuber mrfreshasian, was in the same lobby so that he could make sure that he cleared out the whole lobby, leaving only the two of them there without his housemate knowing.

    Lazar landed in the middle of the zone in a tree and used the Chair Emote to sit in a chair while he watched his housemate’s stream to make sure he was clearing the room. When it was just the two of them left, LazarBeam stomped into his roommate’s and told him to quit the game, giving him the win. Since they had already moved, there was no room for the whole game.

    It was a fun experiment that happened with a little bit of luck, but it was very funny to watch. It only needs to happen now without any help.


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