Playstation News: Godfall: Challenger Edition launches December 7

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    After the well-reviewed Fire & Darkness expansion and the free Lightbringer update in August, we are excited to announce Godfall: Challenger Edition. This gives new players access to the game’s three endgame modes without the story content from the base game or the Fire & Darkness expansions, and it gives existing players new fun features and rewards to enjoy. You may already know this, but from December 7 to January 3, Godfall: Challenger Edition will be free to play on PlayStation Plus.

    Here’s what people can look forward to in Godfall: Version for Challengers:

    Get your player to the top level right away.

    Player Level 50 is available to all players right away. This level gives you a lot of skill points and a lot of powerful weapons for your Valorplates.

    Jump right into the endgame

    Godfall has three ending modes that you can play in with your highest-level Valorplate:

    • Lightbringer is a fight against a darkness that spreads quickly and could wipe out all light in the lands of Aperion. If players keep going through certain banes, they will get better prizes and have to fight tougher hordes until the Heart of Darkness is banished in an epic final battle.
    • Dreamstones, take part in random encounters by remembering Orin, and get different benefits every time you play. As the name suggests, the Cursed Loot tier has curses that can be lifted by finishing challenges in Dreamstones.
    • You can test your skills as you climb the Tower of Trials, which gets harder as you go. Along the way, you can get benefits and fight tough bosses to get juicy loot drops.

    New Boss gives prizes

    All current Godfall players will get The Challenger update for free. This update adds the ability to replay story tasks and new cosmetics for beating the campaign bosses.

    The quest system adds new challenges and legendary prizes.

    After you beat Macros, the story does not end! The new tasks will be available to all players. They will be a never-ending stream of unique challenges that will reward loyal Valorians with legendary gear.

    All of the features in the Challenger Edition can be used by both current Godfall players and owners of the Challenger Edition.

    Join up with other Valorians and play!

    Matchmaking and ending co-op in Godfall: Challenger Edition work with all versions of the game, and you can play on both PlayStation 4 and 5.

    Simple to move up to the Deluxe Edition

    Do you want to play Godfall’s story and campaign? The Deluxe Edition of Godfall: Challenger Edition can be bought at any time by players who want to play both the Godfall and Fire & Darkness games and get a lot of weapons, items, and cosmetics that can be unlocked.

    We are beyond thrilled that new players can now join the fight and experience Godfall’s amazing ending. We can not wait to see and hear about the moments you make as you face anyone who dares to stand in your way as you fight Aperion’s enemies.


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