Playstation News: Ren & Stimpy are coming to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

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    Hey there! This blog is written by me, Joel Nyström, who is the project manager at Ludosity. Fair Play Labs Game Designer Matías R. Singer will also be writing. But you are here to learn about Ren & Stimpy and how they fit into Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, our upcoming platform fighter game with both new and old Nickelodeon characters.

    The characters in Ren & Stimpy are definitely more on the traditional side. I grew up in the 1990s and loved The Ren & Stimpy Show so much. They were so different from everything else around them by being so dirty and troubled. They were wonderful, and I will always love them. I watched it a lot after school because it was one of the few Nickelodeon shows that came to Sweden. I always made sure to watch it, and I was not the only one who did. Back then, if you missed it on TV, you missed it forever. I think everyone who worked on the game wanted Ren & Stimpy to be in it, so it was obvious that they should be.

    Anyone who has watched the show knows that they are two different characters with their own personalities. However, they can not live without each other, which is why they play as one character in Nickelodeon’s All-Star Brawl. They were meant to be a pair. We thought it would be fun to look into because it lets you do some really cool moves and play styles.

    Game Designer Matías R. Singer from Fair Play Labs, who is working on the game with us, helped a lot with their creation. He says, “They have a knack for using each other as weapons, which really brings the slapstick comedy of the show to life.”

    Ren and Stimpy are slower than other characters because Ren is riding on Stimpy’s shoulders, but they often attack together from more than one direction. Ren does less damage at first, while Stimpy does more damage over time. If you want to see an early sketch of Ren & Stimpy’s Crouch Strong move, you can see some of our early ideas.

    You should move in on your opponent because they are slow and heavy, but they have good range with a bouncing log weapon and a very fast Down Strong that will ring-out both of you. This is a fun way to end the match. Singer and I both thought it was very important to get into the game. The Log from the Blammo ad is so well-known that we could not imagine leaving it out as a Special move. The song “Happy Happy Joy Joy” was also used as a model for the Strong Up Air.

    He might look hard to handle since he is actually two characters in one, but Singer and the rest of us wanted him to be easy for even new players to understand. “Their wide range of moves makes it easier to hit your opponents without moving, which is great for new players.”

    Here are some more Ren & Stimpy moves, broken down from their idea to their use in the game.

    The Strong Dash for Ren & Stimpy is called “Beep Beep!”

    “Keep it Together!” is the name of Ren & Stimpy’s Light Neutral. Ren hits Stimpy once, but if you keep pressing the button, Ren will keep shaking Stimpy back and forth.

    “Log from Blammo!” is the name of Ren & Stimpy’s neutral special. With this move, they throw Blammo’s famous log that bounces around.

    Ren and Stimpy’s acts are all based on different episodes, but we will let the players figure out what they all mean. I can not wait for fall to come around so that everyone can play the game!


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