Popular Items that are Ultimately Useless in World of Warcraft Classic

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    Popular Items that are Ultimately Useless in World of Warcraft Classic

    But popularity trumps uselessness sometimes

    Useless items are not too uncommon in MMOs. From developer mistakes to items that are intentionally useless to begin with, they add color to normal gameplay. Some even reach a whole new level in notoriety when their seemingly useless effects have outside the box applications. However, some look useful but really aren’t. Not too many of these items could fetch a high price in WoW Classic gold in the Auction House, barring some with a minor use or for collection purposes.

    So here are the most popular items that are useless in WoW Classic.

    Red Defias Mask

    A Rogue-exclusive headgear, it owes its popularity to its looks. It’s a red bandanna tied around the avatar’s face. Role players and anyone who cares about their Rogue’s looks want one, even though it doesn’t really confer any benefit. Nowadays, it’s used for transmogrification purposes so it’s not totally useless.

    Then again, that feature isn’t available in Classic, so you could say that it retains its uselessness there.

    Dal’Rend’s Tribal Guardian

    Okay, this one didn’t come back in Classic, but it bears mentioning. Back in Vanilla, this off-hand sword confused so many players. Which class benefits from an off-hand tanking sword anyway? It doesn’t help that it looks so goofy with its over-the-top curved blade with serrated edges.

    Even in Retail, you’ll rarely find anyone who still has the original. They’ve likely transmogrified it onto a different off-hand weapon.

    The Luffa

    As a low-level bleed-removing item, the Luffa found its use in PvP when fighting against Rogues. But that’s just about it. It has no other use other than that. Then, the Burning Crusade expansion came along. Blizzard didn’t put in a level limit for the Luffa’s effects, so raiders clamored for this item. Since then, there’s now a lower than 60 level limit, and a higher-level version of it called the Feathered Luffa.

    For Classic, though, it’s still a bit useless outside of PvP.

    Faded Photograph

    An item from a now-defunct questline, this serves no purpose. It depicts two gnomes, Linken and a female he doesn’t remember. The other quest rewards are a bit better than this photo. Yet, collectors still seek this item out. As the quest is a shout-out to the Legend of Zelda franchise, the item gives a bit of nostalgia the collectors are probably after.


    While the questline doesn’t exist in Retail now, it still does in Classic. Don’t miss the chance to get it!

    Piccolo of the Flaming Fire

    There’s no mistaking that this piccolo is a joke item. It serves no other purpose than to cause other players around you to break out and dance—provided you’re within range. No buffs, no extra effects, just dancing. It might have some use in avoiding ambushes by the other faction, but otherwise, it serves no purpose.

    Still, with the right circumstances, you can throw a good dance party with it.


    And those are just a few of the popular but useless items of World of Warcraft Classic. Whether for nostalgia or looking cool, they’re well-liked by the players enough to seek them out. Depending on rarity and demand, you might be able to profit some WoW Classic gold from these items.

    Enjoy your adventures in Azeroth!


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