PS5 Game Box Art Mock-Ups For Dying Light 2, Ghost Of Tsushima Are Impressive

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    While we have actually still yet to see what the PS5 game box art will look like, Reddit user ruddi2020 has actually chosen to patch together their own mock-up of the product packaging art, and the result are both impressive and familiar to state the least.

    PS5 Game Box Art Mock-Up

    The user chose to utilize Dying Light 2 and Ghost of Tsushima as game box examples, and as you’d anticipate, the latter features the Only on PlayStation branding that you would usually see for a PlayStation-exclusive title.

    Check it out:

    PS5 Box Mockup

    The PS5 logo design is happily shown too, and besides that, it’s basically business as typical. It’s absolutely something we can see beautifying store racks come this holiday.

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    Sony will release the PS5 in vacation 2020, and there’s no sign of any hold-ups for the console regardless of the continuous coronavirus break out. We likewise just recently got a take a look at the DualSense controller, which looks set to take gaming to the next level in regards to gamer immersion.

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