Rec Room Update 2.0: Exciting New Features and Essential Fixes

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    Rec Room Update 2.0 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Rec Room, make sure to update to version 2.0 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

    Rooms 2.0 Enhancements and Bug Fixes

    Item Skins Application

    • A bug that previously prevented item skins from being applied in Rooms 2.0 has been fixed. Now, players can customize their items without any hassle.

    Animated Objects Reparenting

    • We’ve added a fix that addresses issues related to the reparenting of animated objects due to animation errors. This ensures smoother animation management and object interactions within Rooms 2.0.

    VR Hierarchy Auto-Scrolling

    • The hierarchy auto-scrolling feature now functions correctly in VR, making navigation and management of objects in virtual reality more streamlined.

    Updates to Custom Locomotion

    Customizable Air Control

    • We’ve introduced fully customizable air control, allowing players to tweak their in-air movement to their liking.

    Consistent Acceleration

    • Say goodbye to hidden modifiers! The acceleration time you specify will now be exactly what you experience, providing a more predictable and consistent gameplay experience.

    Air Control Traits and Multipliers

    • Air Control Percentage Trait: Adjust how much control you have while airborne.
    • Air Control Multipliers: Available in the locomotion graph, these multipliers offer further customization for movement in the air.

    Note: If you’ve already spawned a player definition board in your room, you may need to generate a new locomotion graph to see these updates.

    New Events and Fixes

    • On Velocity Modified Event: A new event fires anytime you use the following chips on a player: Add Velocity, Set Velocity, Set Velocity Over Time.

    Sprint Fixes:

    • We’ve fixed a bug where the acceleration time wasn’t respected while sprinting, ensuring a consistent and expected increase in speed.

    Locomotion Graph Enhancements

    • Added comments to explain different sections of the locomotion graph, aiding in easier customization and understanding.
    • Fixed bugs within the default locomotion graph for a smoother experience.
    • Corrected the air control calculation to ensure more responsive airborne movement.
    • Prevented your gaze direction from stopping your sprint and causing unintended wall kicks.

    Full Body Avatars Improvements & Bug Fixes

    Head Size Customization

    • Responding to player feedback, we’ve given you control over the head size. If the standard size feels too big, you can now return it to the “bean” size via the “Adjust” option on the “Face” customization page.

    Enhanced Head Positioning

    • Adjusted head positioning has been implemented for better animations when moving around, giving a more natural appearance to character movements.

    General Improvements & Bug Fixes

    New Canned Chat Options

    • We’ve introduced a wider variety of canned chat options, enhancing in-game communication.

    Improved Third-Person Camera

    • The third-person camera is now free from obstructions caused by non-collision objects like decorations, providing a better viewing experience.
    • Vehicle Steering Wheel Animations: We have fine-tuned the steering wheel animations for vehicles, ensuring smoother transitions and more realistic driving clips, especially during drifts.

    Hands Collision Fix

    • An issue where hands would lose collision with grabbed objects has been resolved, making object manipulation more reliable.

    Maker Pen Palette Update

    • Fixed a bug that caused the Maker Pen Palette to sometimes not properly update the list of available chips when editing in/out or working with functions, streamlining the creative process.

    New Chips in Beta

    • Player Get Volume Chip: Allows for the retrieval of player volume within the game.
    • Player Get Profile Image Chip: Retrieves player profile images for enhanced customization and identification.


    Improved Room Search

    • We’re experimenting with autocomplete dropdowns in the Rooms Search Input Field, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

    Filtering by Room Capacity and Party Size

    • A new filtering feature is being tested on the Play Highlights page, allowing rooms to be filtered by Room Capacity and current Party Size, helping you find the perfect game environments faster.

    These updates are aimed at enhancing your gameplay experience, providing new features, fixing existing bugs, and experimenting with innovative improvements. Enjoy your time in Rec Room, and stay tuned for more updates!


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