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    Exactly one month ago, Riot Games, a renowned game development studio, launched its latest title in the world of esports, Valorant. Despite facing some early criticisms and negative reviews upon its release, the game has been gaining momentum and is making its mark in the gaming industry. Several online events have already taken place, with T1 and Geek Street Gamers joining forces to provide a thrilling competitive environment for emerging teams. The latest event took place last week, with the final match featuring favorites T1 against TSM. The match was quite one-sided, leaving experts in a state of shock. As a result, many people are turning to no KYC and illegal websites during this lockdown period. Despite this, the overall scene is shaping up and is set to become more exciting and competitive in the future.

    There are some changes that are expected to come soon, but they may need to be implemented quicker. The criticism so far has been that the game lacks variety, with only four playable maps available, leaving many feeling that the game is already lacking in excitement. The good news is that various balance changes are coming through rapidly, and many issues are being fixed quickly. However, there are still hopes that additional changes will be implemented quickly to help the game grow even faster.

    There are some meta issues that have been brought up, particularly around how the game’s economy works. It can be a bit confusing at times, and there are moments when purchases are forced at less than ideal times. Additionally, some of the more popular agents have expensive skill sets, which can make the economy as a whole seem a little complicated. While this will inevitably change in time, there are some early teething issues that need to be addressed.

    Another issue that has been raised is that the pool of skills in the game is not as diverse as some would like. It’s been noted that the “pro” scene is primarily made up of former Counter-Strike pros, which is not surprising given that Valorant is aiming to capture a greater share of the competitive shooter market. However, it also means that there are fewer fresh faces, and while new players will undoubtedly emerge over time, having so many of the old guards at the top of the scene as it develops means that it may remain stagnant for a while.

    Despite some of these issues, the game is still in its infancy, and as a starting point, things are looking quite promising. Viewership remains strong, with many of the bigger names holding thousands of viewers per stream. The two events that have taken place so far have also managed to capture a wider audience. The next steps for the publisher may be to introduce facilities for the esports scene to flourish, such as a viewer mode and other broadcasting options. Riot has a strong track record with League of Legends, so it’s expected that these changes will come sooner rather than later. Overall, this is a great start for the game, with plenty of opportunities for improvement.


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