Solved: Apex Legends glitch is deleting Clubs – Kicking Players out of their own Clubs

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    A frustrating glitch in Apex Legends is kicking players from their own clubs, but the devs are working on a fix.

    Solved: Apex Legends glitch is deleting Clubs - Kicking Players out of their own Clubs

    Season 7 of Apex Legends introduced Clubs. These are social hubs where you can meet and squad up with other players. You can either create your own club or join an already established one. Finding a squad to team up with is now easier than ever.

    Players have been encountering a glitch where they are being randomly removed from clubs – even from ones they have created.

    DotEsports writer Pedro Peres encountered the same problem. After restarting the game, Peres was added back to his Club but users are continuing to report the problem.

    Peres reported the problem to Respawn designer Chad Armstrong. The developer responded, saying “Thanks for letting me know. We’re looking into this now.”

    If your Club has been deleted, it’s currently a lottery of whether you’ll get it back. Clubs are a long-awaited feature for Apex Legends, so with Respawn on the case, it’s likely this will be resolved soon.

    The error message was especially concerning, considering that not only were grunts and captains receiving that they’d been kicked by admins, but admins, and even owners of clubs, a rank above admin, have gotten this error. Luckily, it seems to be a server-side issue, as some players are logging back in to find a message that they rejoined their club with their roles intact.

    Whether or not the ‘wins with club’ counters are intact after the error remains to be seen, but it seems if you get kicked from your club, that it is a temporary error, and you will rejoin in the same role you priorly had when the game gets sorted out.


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