Sony insists Microsoft will penalize Call of Duty on PS platform

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    Sony is certainly one of the biggest opponents of Microsoft’s giant acquisition of Activision Blizzard, as the Japanese giant fears that the merger could worsen Call of Duty’s position on PlayStation consoles, causing serious damage to its business as a result. It is in this sense that the Japanese company reiterated that the Redmond-based giant may decide to sabotage various chapters of CoD on its gaming consoles.

    Sony then reiterated that the decision by the CMA, the UK’s market watchdog, is “irrational” given that it does not take into account Microsoft’s ability to sabotage versions of CoD coming to PlayStation consoles. This is because the company we owe Xbox to won’t be forced to “use advanced PlayStation features not found on Xbox.”

    Sony also said that players are now much more attentive than in the past to the tech sector that distinguishes modern games, so it would be a major detriment if the PlayStation versions of Call of Duty were clearly worse than those on the PlayStation. those xboxes.

    Below are the statements sent by Sony to the CMA (thanks to The Verge):

    “Gamers interact with each title in the franchise as soon as it is released, are highly aware of the price, quality and features of the game, and regularly compare the quality, performance and features of their favorite titles on PlayStation and Xbox. The level of social interaction on consoles and in games is extremely high.”

    Let’s see what the CMA decides when it delivers its verdict on Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard on April 26, 2023.


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