Sony Patent Suggests DLSS-Like Sampling Technique Could Be Used On PS5 Games

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    A new Sony patent suggests that a technique comparable to Nvidia’s DLSS sampling could be used on PS5 games to enhance the resolution of games using AI knowledge.

    The patent, which was found by a Reddit user, explains the technique as follows:

    An information processing device for getting a plurality of recommendation images acquired by imaging a things that is to be recreated, getting a plurality of transformed images acquired by expanding or diminishing each of the plurality of recommendation images, carrying out machine learning using a plurality of images to be found out as mentor data that consist of the plurality of transformed images, and creating pre-learned data that is used for creating a recreation image that represents the look of the things.

    DLSS stands for Deep Knowing Super Sampling and it is an AI-powered technique that can give lower resolution visuals the impression that they are at a higher resolution. Many DLSS 2.0 technology looks much better than 4K and the Unreal Engine 5 demonstration used these sampling methods to make it look like a higher resolution than the 1440 p it was running in.

    This makes a lot of sense for the PS5 and allows you to use processing power in other places whilst still improving the visuals of yourgame On top of that, this will make the PS5 more effective as it will have the ability to work smarter and use its power in much better ways instead of just being a more powerful machine.

    DLSS is a Nvidia-owned piece of technology, which appears to recommend that Sony and AMD have actually worked together to create their own version of the technique that will have the ability to run on the hardware in the PS5 If you need a full rundown of the technology and specifications of the PS5, check out our feature here.

    The PS5 launches this Holiday.

    Source: [Reddit]


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