Speculated Insights and Potential Title for Resident Evil 9: The Apocalypse Explored in Live Stream

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    News about Resident Evil 9 may be coming out sooner than thought. At least, that is what we can tell from the new information about the game that is been spreading on Twitter. These are stories that have not been proven to be true, but there are enough details to make a lot of people think they might be true.

    To begin, the new Resident Evil game should be called “Apocalypse,” and it should be written with the Roman number IX in it again, just like the other chapters. Chris Redfield will not die in this game, even though it is his last. We thought Jill Valentine would play a part like Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4, but we couldn’t.

    In Resident Evil 9, there will be no co-op. It will only be single-player. After the events of Resident Evil Village, Chris Redfield will be sent to Europe as the main character of the game. The Winters and their fate will not be mentioned.

    Also, reports say that Resident Evil 9 has been in the works for a few years and will use assets from both Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4 Remake. The enemies will be mythical animals, maybe something like a Wendig, but everything will have a scientific reason for it. They will also come back in some way as zombies.

    And finally, there is another house in the setting. The rumors come to an end with the news that there will be an official statement in October or November.

    Capcom is back after a year of high sales. Let us remember that while we wait to hear more.



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