Star Wars Battlefront 2 Patch Notes 1.49

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    Electronic Arts and accountable developers launched the last significant upgrade for Star Wars Battlefront II today. Below are the full patch notes for the Battle of Scarif upgrade on April 29th.

    Star Wars Battlefront II Update 1.49 can be downloaded and set up later in the day for all platforms.

    Star Wars Battlefront II Update 1.49 Patch Notes


    Scarif added as a new playable map on Co-Op Missions, Supremacy, Immediate Action, Heroes Vs. Villains and HeroShowdown
    Supremacy and Instantaneous Action are now readily available in the Age of Disobedience (Death Star II, Hoth, Yavin 4, Tatooine and Scarif).
    New Missions (Attack) and Missions (Protect) modes added under Immediate Action, enabling you to play Co-Op design maps as a single-player along with AI.
    Co-Op Missions are now readily available on the MC85 Star Cruiser and Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer.
    Crait is now readily available on Heroes Vs. Villains and HeroShowdown
    New Episode IX-inspired looks for Rey, Kylo Ren and Emperor Palpatine are now readily available to all players.
    New looks for Darth Maul and Rey are readily available to unlock by means of Turning points.


    Vehicle systems are added as AI players on specific maps on Co-Op and Instantaneous Action Missions (Geonosis, Kashyyyk, Naboo, Felucia, Hoth, Endor, Yavin 4, Takodana and Ajan Kloss).
    Formerly map-specific looks for the Galactic Empire cannon fodders are now readily available as selectable looks throughout Age of Disobedience maps.
    Cosmetic products that were formerly readily available to open just through Events are now readily available to open through Turning points.
    The First Order Snowtrooper look is now readily available for First Order assault-class cannon fodders as a selectable look throughout Age of Resistance maps.

    Damage-Boost Messaging

    Included-game messaging for when you take increased damage, e.g., from BB-8 ´ s Resistance Support or Dooku ´ s Expose Weak Point capabilities.
    This is revealed by an icon including 2 red horizontal spikes above players´ heads, in the hit marker animation, and in your own health bar.
    When impacted both by damage boost and damage decrease at the very same time, we show both icons in your own health bar.
    The dominant enthusiast or debuff will be shown in color, while the weaker one will be greyed out.

    UI: New HUD options added:

    Options preview: a new window with a graph of each setting.
    Damage Boost Message (On/Off).
    Capture development (on/off).
    Nametags (Default, No Summary, No Background, Health and Icon, Just Icon, Off).
    Goal Design (Default/Summary/No Summary (just a letter)/Off).
    Goal at screen Edge (Opacity slider).
    Goal at screen Zone (Opacity slider).
    Goal at screen Focus (Opacity slider).
    Cards, starcard shuffle at spawn (On/ Off).
    Weapon tips (On/ Off).
    Game mode bar (Default/ NoOutline/ Off).
    High contrast slider to enhance readability in the fixed HUD containers with blurred backgrounds.
    Leader picture (On/ Off).
    Tutorial (On/ Off).

    Other changes:

    Eliminate Message, Tradition—altered so the Score Feed vanishes at the very same time as the kill message.
    Scoreboard now shows “Planet” and the existingGame Mode.”
    Game Mode bar visual updates.


    Based upon his new era-appropriate look, Emperor Palpatine, along with Chewbacca, is now readily available as player-managed and AI Heroes on Age of Resistance—period maps of Supremacy, Immediate Action and Co-op missions.
    Fixed an issue that would trigger headshot damage when striking specific Heroes in the right-side lower arm as a Hero.
    Blaster Heroes, who can utilize a scope on their weapons, now enter full first-person view and do not remain in third-person any longer. This changes where the blaster shot originates from, enhancing theexperience
    Based upon his new era-appropriate look, Darth Maul, along with Yoda, is now readily available as player-managed and AI Heroes on Age of Disobedience—period maps of Supremacy, Immediate Action and Co-op missions.

    Dash capabilities for all Supports and heroes
    These are now following the direction of the electronic camera, rather of the charactermodel This uses to the below capabilities:

    Rey: Dash Strike.
    Obi-Wan: Defensive Rush.
    Han Solo: Shoulder Charge.
    BB-8: Rolling charge.
    General Grievous: Claw Rush.
    Order Jet Cannon Fodder—Jet Tackle.
    Ovissian Gunner: Charge.

    BB-8 AND BB-9E

    I fixed an issue with BB-8’s “Twist” Milestone not tracking score precisely.
    Fixed an issue where BB-9E’s Charge Up capability would not lead to decrease of cooldown times on allies.


    I fixed an issue where Leia’s Thermal Detonators capability might enter cooldown too soon, prior to all detonators being tossed.
    I updated Leia Organa’s Hero description to discuss Thermal detonators rather of Flash Grenades.
    Fixed an issue where Leia’s Guard would not heal when outside the player’s view.


    Fixed an issue where Chewbacca might do melee attacks in mid-air after triggering Charge Slam.
    When Chewbacca falls from low heights, Chewbacca’s Charge Slam capability will be less likely to be activated.
    Fixed an issue where Chewbacca’s goggle lenses in the Vandor Break-in look would not show up in the Collection Screen.
    When leaping over an irregular surface area throughout the capability’s period,Fixed an issue where Chewbacca’s Charge Slam animation would be disrupted.


    Fixed an issue where Boba Fett might disable the Blaster weapon of targets that aren’t concussed when shooting behind them.


    Fixed a visual issue where Rey’s mouth would stagnate throughout her emotes or voice lines.


    Improved the animation of Captain Phasma’s Personnel Strikes.


    Improved audio impacts for Obi-Wan’s Restrictive Mind Technique capability.


    Fixed an issue where Lando’s weapon would warm up, even when shooting throughout the super success minigame.


    Improved VFX to much better show the range of Bossk’s Distance Mines on different surfaces.


    Fixed an issue where Kylo Ren’s Freeze, while a player is carrying out a roll or dash, would invert the direction of the motion upon the player having the ability to move once again.
    I fixed a clipping issue on Kylo Ren’s Power of the Darkness Triumph Pose.


    Fixed an issue that would trigger General Grievous’ capabilities to be disrupted by capabilities and melee attacks of other players.
    Fixed an issue that would permit the player to activate the Unrelenting Advance capability two times, triggering Grievous to duplicate the animation constantly.


    Fixed an issue that might trigger a player to be erroneously tossed out of a session due to being idle.


    As per map, a round of Supremacy will now take place.


    Co-Op name altered to Co-Op Missions, to be constant with the new mode Instantaneous Action–Missions
    Fixed an issue where AI Heroes might be seen in outros.
    Fixed an issue where a player would not have the ability to spawn as the Ewok Hunter or the Rocket Jumper when playing Co-Op Missions on Kessel.
    Fixed an issue where the AT-RT and AT-ST would show up as playable options on Kessel–Co-OpMissions
    Fixed an issue where the “Fight as One” milestone would not track development on Co-OpMissions


    Added alternative for Advanced Settings on the menu of Instantaneous Action (Supremacy and Missions).
    Fixed an issue where the mode description of the last Game Battle situation would be shown when filling an Immediate action session.


    Fixed a visual issue where background Starfighters would sometimes be seen flying through Death Star II on Heroes Vs. Villains.


    Fixed an issue where the audio for the activation of Dark side Lightsaber on the introduction of Hero Showdown would be postponed.
    Fixed an issue where Hero voice lines might be heard throughout the Hero Showdown introduction.


    Fixed different collisions, exploits and visual problems on Jakku, Ajan Kloss, Yavin 4, Endor, Death Star II, Felucia, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Naboo, Geonosis, Republic Attack Cruiser, MC85 Star Cruiser, and First Order Star Destroyer.
    Fixed an issue where a player would improperly take damage from an unnoticeable fire asset on Kashyyyk by the Republic Attack Cruiser entryway.
    When leaping off the mine on Kessel,Fixed an issue where players would not pass away.
    Fixed an issue where the Gonk Android, throughout the Campaign mission “The Cleaner”, would not be able to stroll due to lost legs.
    Fixed an issue where the Living World android on the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer might sometimes be seen bouncing just up anddown
    An iron android was added to the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer.


    Numerous balancing changes on Supports and Defense.

    ARC Cannon Fodder

    Raised rate of fire in toggled fire mode (360->>420).
    Increased damage (34->>35|15->>17).
    Reduce the recoil setting that would make the goal kick left and right with each shot.

    B2-RP Rocket Android

    Reduced base health (300->>200) as they’re outshining all other aerials and are utilizing the very same health as the routine B2 android.
    Reduced end damage on wristblaster (25->>24).

    B2 Super Battle Android

    Reduced end damage on wristblaster (25->>24).

    Task Force Android

    Reduced E-5 near damage (42->>30) given that the sword must be the main weapon for closerange

    Death Cannon Fodder

    Reduced damage (56->>50|35->>24).

    Rebel and Imperial Rocket Troopers

    Increased near-damage output (40->>45).

    Wookiee Warrior

    Small boost to end damage (20->>23).

    Ewok Hunter

    Increased damage output from the wisties pouch (5 per second to 10 per second).

    Ovissian Gunner

    Increased near damage (24->>25).


    Reduced heat per bullet (0.08 > 0.05).

    Cycler Rifle

    Damage boost (65->>75).
    When not zooming while bent, solved an issue where the Cycler Rifle would have high precision.

    Lead Slug

    Made the slug more precise when zooming (Dispersion Angle 1->> 0).


    When not looking straight at the grenade,Improved VFX and fixed an issue where the impacts of the Thermal Imploder would not be noticeable.


    Fixed an issue where Mole Reinforcements might possibly get stuck in a crouch animation and jump around.


    Made visual enhancements to the ISB Representative’s helmet.


    • Fixed visual problems with the male Zabrak look.
    • Fixed an issue that obstructs zoom on other weapons, such as the MPL-57, the Ion Torpedo or Iden’s Pulse Cannon, while the TL-50 Secondary Fire remains in cooldown.
    • The Heavy’s Sentry capability will not be approving the decrease in explosive damage any longer. The BODYGUARD Star Card has actually been upgraded to provide regular damage decrease while you are at crucial health (below 30%).


    As an added alternative for a female Zabrak, look for Rebel and Resistance Specialist-classsoldiers


    • Fixed an issue where the Officer’s own Flash Grenade might flash the Officer through a wall.
    • Fixed an issue where an Officer’s Infantry Blaster turbine would keep being fixed even after the only Officer standing next to it was beat.


    • Fixed an issue where the Caphex Spy would get damage by utilizing the Truncheon Attack capability while running against ecologicalassets
    • Fixed an issue where the Spy’s Orbital Strike UI messaging would remain active on screen after the capability ended.
    • Fixes an issue where the Orbital Strike UI messaging would just show on one player if several players were inside the radius when it was activated.
    • Fixed an issue where the Spy’s baton spinning sound ran out sync with the animation.


    • Fixed an issue where Battle Focus would permit the Clone Task force to gain back health, even when harming the goal.
    • Fixed a visual issue where the Clone Task force’s weapon sight accessory would sometimes show up lost throughout the Task force’s evade animation.


    Fixed an issue where the Task force Android’s animation would break after utilizing the Smoke Screen capability.


    • Fixed an issue where the Ewok Hunter’s arrows would remain on beat opponents for too long.
    • Fixed an issue where the Ewok Hunter’s “Hunter’s Instincts” capability would not deal with Game AI.
    • Fixed an issue where the arrow shooting sound would be heard, even when no arrows were shot, if the player is spamming the attack button while intending with the bow.


    Fixed an issue where the Reinforced Hull Star Card would not have any effect on the AT-RT.


    Fixed an issue that would trigger the nametag of the player utilizing the AT-ST to show up at the bottom of thevehicle


    Fixed an issue with the audio of the Sith Cannon fodder’s melee swings losing performance after the first swing in a chain of melee attacks.


    • Fixed an issue where the First Order Jet Cannon fodder might avert without constraints.
    • I fixed a visual issue on the knapsack interior of the First Order Jet Cannon Fodder.
      When ragdoll lands after having actually been pressed from a particular height, the
    • First Order Jet Cannon Fodder and Boba Fett now have jetpack VFX.


    • I added an alt fire for the Flame Cannon fodder to provide it a mid-range attack to make it practical in more combat circumstances and on more maps.
    • Improved VFX for the First Order Flametrooper’s Incendiary Grenade.


    Fixed a visual texture issue with the lighting of the underlay armor of the Imperial Rocket Cannon Fodder.


    When rolling off raised surface areas,Fixed an issue where Droideka might acquire considerable height.


    Wookiee Warrior’s Fortify capability is now changed with Charge Slam.


    Improved VFX for Death Cannon fodder’s Sonic Imploder capability.


    Improved VFX for Rocket Launcher smoke routes.


    • I updated the description of the Protected Crucial Systems Star Card for precision.
      New description:On vehicles with weak spots, the weak spot bonus damage amount is reduced. On smaller vehicles, this damage reduction applies to the entire vehicle.”
    • Fixed an issue where the Tactical Jammer Star Card would have no performance when used on the X-34 Landspeeder on Tatooine or Hoth.
    • Fixed an issue where the Regenerative Subsystems Star Card would not bring back the right amount of health per rarity level for Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer.
    • Fixed an issue where the Speeder Systems Upgrade Star Card would have no effect on STAP and BARC-Speeder.


    • I updated the benefit description for cages, including weapon adjustments.
    • Fixed an issue where other players would not see the projectiles fired by an ally with a fixed weapon.


    • Class icons added to AI players in Supremacy and Immediate Action.
      Reduced probability of the very same AI Hero generating consecutively when playing Co-Op Missions or Instantaneous Action.
    • Fixed an issue where the AI variations of Han Solo and Leia would not show up in the appropriate planet-appropriate look on Yavin.


    • Fixed an issue that would disable players from generating on a team member if they were shooting far from the combat location.
    • If a player is in a vehicle or not,I fixed an issue where the Team Spawn screen UI would not show.


    • Fixed an issue where a player who is welcomed to a group party would not have the ability to join or be put in a queue and would be triggered with an unreliable message that the server is full rather.
    • Fixed an issue where Co-Op Missions and Starfighter assault-related audio would disrupt Constant Music.
    • Fixed an issue where the setting name for Eliminate Sound Effect would also look like its description.
    • Fixed problems in the Collection Screen to clarify whether cosmetic products can be opened through Turning points or can be gotten with the Event Edition.
    • I removed the “AAvailable in cages” message that appeared under every Emote name.
    • The Millennium Falcons in the Collection Screen are now represented by the very same thumbnail to resolve a memoryissue
    • Fixed problems that would trigger the Play Now function to greatly focus on Co-OpMissions
    • Fixed an issue where the UI would show that the player is queuing for all game modes when looking for game mode in the Heroes vs Bad guy menu or the More menu.
    • When browsing for a Strike/Extraction game, updated matchmaking text.
    • Fixed a typo in the Frontend menu description of Felucia.
    • Fixed an issue where the filling icon would be lost in greater than 1080 p resolutions.
    • Fixed an issue that would trigger UI messaging on beat players to show up retroactively when players turn it on after having it shut offfirst
    • I added new filling tips for Co-Op and just recently launched Supports such as the Ewok Hunter and the ISB Representative.


    • Wrong commentators can be heard by the player when transitioning in between round stages of any game mode while utilizing a Hero recently presented to the period (ex. Darth Maul in Age of Disobedience).
    • The looks of AI-controlled Clone Cannon Fodders on the Republic Attack Cruiser on Immediate Action and Co-Op- Missions are improperly set to Phase I.

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