Tales of Arise demo runs 10 to 15 fps slower on PS5 than Xbox Series X in 4K graphics mode

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    The much-anticipated Tales of Arise from Bandai Namco will not come out for a few weeks, but a demo of the game was just released, so we already know how it will likely play on different platforms. Most of the time, the playing field is pretty level, but when playing at 4K in graphics mode, you can tell the difference between the PS5 and Xbox Series X. If you have about 20 minutes to spare, you can check out the full overview, courtesy of YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits.

    Bandai Namco has two graphics modes for next-gen consoles: graphics and performance. Each console has a performance mode that runs at 1620p/60fps and a graphics mode that runs at 4K at 60fps (though this is rarely reached). Aside from that, the performance mode on the Xbox Series S is 1080p/60fps, and the graphics mode is 1440p/sub-60fps.

    How do the machines stand up, then? Yes, performance mode does indeed lock the frame rate at 60 fps on all devices. The Xbox Series X also does better than the PS5 at 4K. When used outside, the XSX usually stays between the low and high 50s, with a few drops in the high 40fps range. The PS5’s frame rate stays between 45 and 50 fps most of the time, but drops to the low 40s sometimes. When fighting, the difference is more noticeable. The XSX stays in the high 50s, with a few exceptions when big strikes are used, while the PS5 stays in the mid to low 40s. ElAnalistaDeBits says that Tales of Arise runs 15 frames per second less slowly on PS5 than it does on Xbox Series X overall. For the Xbox Series S, the 1440p mode should run at about 45 frames per second.

    Tales of Arise comes out on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 on September 10. Right now, the demo of the game can be played on all platforms except the PC to keep data miners away.


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